Recap / The Dresden Files Storm Front

Harry Dresden, professional wizard - he appears in the phone directory under "Wizards", after all - receives a call: a woman wants to hire him to find her missing husband. About the same time, Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, head of Special Investigations in the Chicago Police Department, asks for his help to solve a mysterious crime, that of a man and a woman whose hearts exploded while they were having sex. The man turns out to be connected with Johnny Marcone, the local Mob boss, who tries to get Harry to forget about the case. And, at the same time, a Warden of the White Council is going after Harry, convinced that he is the one behind the killings. Little does Harry know that the two cases are intimately related, and that, if he does not find a solution, he might not survive for much longer.

And, additionally, a minor action will cause enormous consequences in the future.

  • Chekhov's Gun: a lot. Some that take books to be fired, even.
  • Crazy Awesome: Harry Dresden.
  • For Want of a Nail: about two thirds - perhaps even more - of Harry's problems in future books can be traced back to one instant.
    Bianca: You're bleeding, Mr. Dresden.