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The main series currently has four volumes, each with it's own rough StoryArc:

'''Volume 1: Welcome to Freeland House''' deals with introducing the main characters and how they [[CharacterDevelopment go from refugees to heroes]] and their relationships with the supporting cast. Along the way, the primary villains, [[VillainWithGoodPublicity Vincent Liedecker]], [[TheChessmaster Brother Wright]], [[EvilSorcerer Morganna]] and [[BigBad Simon Talbot]] are introduced and revelations are made about the nature of the setting's [[StockSuperpowers psionic powers]].

Volume 1 is thus far the only volume to end with a definite SeasonFinale, with the others usually ending with a BreatherEpisode.

'''Volume 2: Magic and Machines''' follows up on the aftermath of Volume 1 and works to expand more on the world and culture of the setting. It also introduces new enemies such as enemies from [[AnotherDimension Faerie]], and the ChurchMilitant group, The Sineaters. The Volume ends with [[TheMagicComesBack magic returning to the world]]

'''Volume 3: The Bright, Bright Summer''' is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, including a BeachEpisode. It also follows the main characters as they deal with new magical threats while protecting and recruiting kids for a new SuperHeroSchool. The volume winds down with the foundation of the school, the students of which are [[SpinOffBabies the subject of a separate set of stories]]

'''Volume 4: Confluence''' is a ContinuityCavalcade, bringing back and in most cases upgrading old villains, revisiting previous plot points, and firing off some of the series's many [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Guns]]. Many long running plots were resolved of given new life in this volume.

'''Volume 5: How the World Changes''' continues what Volume 4 started, revealing even more of the setting's mysteries while loading a whole new set of [[ChekhovsGun Chekhov's Guns]]. The threat that descendants might not remain as well treated in the US as they've enjoyed appears, and Project Tome scores a massive win.

Half of Volume 5 sees the group split up between Mayfield and a beach house at Dawson Bay, switching from one to the other for stories. WordOfGod says that it will end with the full return of Morganna.

According to WordOfGod, '''Volume 6''' will be called Brinks, and will see the Descendants Universe sliding even more toward a WorldHalfEmpty.