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Recap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 S 1 E 3 Attack Of The Mousers
After fainting from their initial encounter, April O'Neil wakes up in the Turtles' lair. It is here April learns of the Turtles' origin, and when they all agree that Baxter Stockman and his rampaging Mousers must be stopped.

First appearance of Hun

This episode provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: Invoked by April, who's convinced that she's having a really long dream after waking up from her first encounter with the Turtles.
  • Another Story for Another Time: Splinter tells April about how he and the Turtles were mutated. When she asked how they learned martial arts, he tells her "that is a story for another time".
  • Cut the Juice: Subverted. The only way Donatello could deactivate the Mousers was to activate the self-destruct sequence.
  • Metamorphosis: This episode reveals how the Turtles and Splinter were mutated
  • Origins Episode: Part of the episode is Splinter telling April of how he and his sons became more than ordinary turtles and a rat.
  • The Power Of Trust: When Splinter analyzes April as she swears to keep this secret:
    Leo: Is this another lesson, sensei? Sensing the truth?
    Splinter: No, it's called trusting your gut.
  • This Cannot Be!: Stockman's mutter of "impossible" when the Turtles bypass his lasers and destroying them.
  • What the Hell Are You?: Stockman, regarding on the Turtles.
    Stockman: What are you?!
    April: They're with me!
  • You Have Failed Me: Stockman suffers the first of his many, many painful punishments at the hands of the Shredder. He loses his left eye.
  • You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You: This is how April reassures Splinter that she can keep the secret as no one would believe her.

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