Recap: Tales of the Visitors

This page is a recap to Tales of the Visitors.

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     Mission 1: Introductions and a Battle 

Pages: 1-10

Characters Introduced:


  • Most of the characters are taken to an unknown floor, being greeted by a pair of ghost hands that forced them to go to a room.
  • The party steps inside a chessboard-like room, seeing a Rubik's Cube called the Variable. It greets them on their arrival.
  • The Variable requests the party to stop the Hypotheses. They accept.
  • The party heads into the Dynasty Warriors portal to fight Lu Bu and his army.
  • Lu Bu fought the party and held them back before Diamonds, Ben and the Wanderer defeated him.
  • Kharn takes his head.
  • Kirby swallowed Droog and duplicated his skills.
  • Emerl analyzed Joe and copied his speech mannerisms.
  • The Hypothesis in charge of the floor, Nue, is punished for his failure.

     Mission 2: Only in New York 

Pages: 10-29

Characters Introduced:


  • A few more characters appear to join the party.
  • A feast has been prepared to celebrate the party's first success. A notepad's been given to allow the party to summon needed items with a limit.
  • Wukong takes the notepad before he entered the New York portal.
  • After the party's entrance to New York, they are accused of being superheroes.
  • Stone is morally conflicted on firing at the NYPD officers due to his old job as a Special Duties Unit operative.
  • Kharn tries to attack a NYPD officer, resulting in a counterattack.
  • Deadpool enters the scene, hoping to make some quick cash by helping to catch the Visitors.
  • After getting their hands on a military vehicle, most of the Visitors are forced to flee in Liberty Island, where they barricade their position.
  • Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man arrive in the island to apprehend the party. Things aren't going well.
  • Ouja and the Wanderer kill civilians in the course of the scenario. Stone calls them out for their actions.
  • Eragon and Hiro appear to fight off Iron Man-led SHIELD forces.
  • Most of the Visitors engage Mr. Fantastic. They later engage Sleipner, but he overpowers the party.
  • Zeratul appears in New York, joining the Visitors in attacking Sleipner.
  • A semi-enraged Viewtiful Joe weakens Slepnir by dropping the Statue of Liberty's arm on it
  • Higher-ranked Hypothesis help Slepnir retreat, but it is implied that he will be severely punished by them later
  • The party returns back, thanks to the Variable's intervention. They get some rest.

     Intermission 1: Break Time 

Pages: 29-32

  • The party made it back to the Variable, giving them sanctuary for them to rest.
  • Kharn and Ouja engage in a sparring session.
  • Stone gives the broken cue stick he used back to Diamonds.
  • Ben and Commander Shepard talk about alien politics.

     Mission 3: For Christmas! 

Pages: 32-42


  • The Variable readies a portal for the party to head to Halloween Town.
  • When the inhabitants began to sing, most of the party were confused before a few joined in.
  • Mini Oogies were deployed against the Visitors. The battle begins.
  • Fighting their way past the little Oogies, they enter Christmas Town, encountering a giant horde of the things. After fighting, the original Oogie came out of hiding and engaged in battle.
  • After the Visitors struck down its giant form, a cocoon of unknown origin appeared where its heart was.
  • The cocoon hatches into a scorpion-esque form of Oogie.
  • Stone provides assistance to Toon Link when it comes to keeping Oogie somewhat restrained.
  • The Visitors manage to trap Oogie under one of his own attacks, which destroys his 'Perfect' form.
  • Christmas is saved, and Diamonds steps on the last remnant of Oogie.
  • Santa thanks the Visitors by giving them a copy of his list. Shepard holds onto it to keep track of his crew's status.
  • A bored and intrigued Jack decides to join the Visitors.

     Intermission 2: Housing 

Pages: 42-50

Characters Introduced:


  • The Visitors return back only to have cardboard boxes as their living accommodations. Needless to say, they are pissed.
  • Once it's revealed that the boxes can transform into actual buildings, everyone begins to get their residences up.
  • A few Visitors return back to their homeworlds temporarily to get their equipment fixed or obtain new ones.
    • Toon Link brings back fairies representing Wisdom, Courage, and Strength after visiting his homeword.
    • Diamonds borrows the arsenal of the rest of the Midnight Crew.
  • Kharn steals a refrigerator from Stone's place after throwing him and Soap a distraction in the form of a gagged man.
  • Stone gives chase to Kharn. Other people follow, mostly due to intrigue.
  • After a display of her power, Link's Strength fairy says that she may help Kharn to become a better warrior if he does well on the next floor.
  • Kharn and Stone confront each other over the latter's stolen fridge after the Lone Wanderer drops it after being caught.
  • Chibiterasu appears.
  • The portal to the Persona world appears.

     Mission 4: Inside TV 

Pages: 50-73


  • Everyone was able to get in the TV that led to the Midnight Channel.
  • The Visitors confront the Shadows, not being hostile yet. They engage them after the Shadows become hostile.
  • Stone leads the group to the nearest catwalk.
  • The Visitors engage Link's Shadow, a huge eagle with the ability to make tornadoes.
  • Wukong arrives in time to help the others subdue the Shadow.
  • After the Visitors defeated it, Toon Link decides to accept his Shadow self.
  • The team travels further down to see a vault door. Everyone begins preparations to bust it open.
  • The Visitors confront the Shadow Lone Warrior before the real ones accepts it.
  • Shotaro confronts the Shadow Shotaro while the others fight against the skeleton warriors.
  • The Visitors were able to help Shotaro confront his Shadow, being able to return to see the Variable.
  • The Variable opened a portal to another world after allowing the Visitors to prepare for the next mission.

     Mission 5: Another World 

Pages: 73 - 88

Characters Introduced:


  • The Visitors engage giant sock monsters, leaving some of them confused.
  • Axe Cop greets the Visitors, letting go on board his T-Rex.
  • A Ninja vs Pirate match is underway.
  • The Visitors were able to win the match and leave the place.
  • As the Visitors wait, Kharn follows them with a bloodied bone.
  • Skulduggery arrives.


     Upcoming Missions