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'''[[Recap/{{Supernatural}} Recap]] of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'''''\\
'''Season 2, Episode 4:'''

!Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things [[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/002347db_9272.jpg]]
[[caption-width-right:350:What's dead should stay dead.]]
->"Sam. You and Dad...you're the most important people in my life. And now...I never should have come back, Sam. It wasn't natural. And now look what's come of it. I was dead. And I should have stayed dead. You wanted to know how I was feeling. Well, that's it. So tell me. What could you possibly say to make that all right?"
-->--'''Dean Winchester'''

Written by Raelle Tucker.

Directed by Kim Manners.

Airdate: October 19, 2006.

A college student from [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenville,_Illinois Greenville, Illinois]] is back from the dead and seems to be seeking revenge on those who betrayed her while she was alive.

Sam drags Dean along to Greenville, Illinois to bury their father's dog tags at their mother's grave. While they're there, Dean notices another grave, one surrounded by a perfect circle of dead grass. It belongs to a college student, Angela Maison, who died recently in a car accident. Dean convinces Sam to investigate.

They question her father, who is an Ancient Greek professor, her roommate, Lindsey, and her best friend, Neil. While they investigate, her boyfriend, Matt, is found with a slit throat. When they dig up her grave, it's empty, but there's a Greek divination spell etched into the coffin. At first, they suspect Angela's father of being a {{Necromancer}}, but he has living house plants in his home. Suspicion then falls on Neil, who is a teaching assistant in the Ancient Greek course. When they go to his house, no one is there. Dean has been reading Angela's diary, and guesses that Matt might have been having an affair with Lindsey. They arrive at her place just in time to save Lindsey, but their silver bullets have minimal effect on Zombie Angela.

Dean and Sam realize the only way to kill her is to nail Zombie Angela to her grave bed. They track down Neil at his office. Dean, realizing Zombie Angela is hiding in the closet, tells Neil they plan to perform a ritual over her grave that will return her to death. Dean tries to convince Neil to go with them, but he refuses, and Zombie Angela kills Neil. Zombie Angela arrives at the cemetery to kill Sam and Dean before they can perform the ritual. Sam lures her to the grave, injuring his hand, while Dean impales her in the coffin.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to confront Dean about his refusal to deal with their dad's death as Dean's actions grow more and more angry and erratic. Eventually, Dean tells Sam that he blames himself for their dad's death, and believes the demon was somehow involved.

!!Body count:
For this episode = 3 humans and 1 zombie.

For the series so far = At least 152 humans; 11 ghosts; 5 vampires; 1 demon; 1 god; 1 rakshasa; 1 rawhead; 1 shapeshifter; 1 shtriga; 1 wendigo; 1 zombie.

!Tropes appearing in this episode:

* ArcWords: "When someone's gone, they should ''stay'' gone."
* TheBait: Sam.
* BloodFromTheMouth: Angela after the car accident.
* CameBackWrong
* CaughtWithYourPantsDown: Dean walks in on Sam watching the Skin channel.
-->'''[=TV=] Announcer:''' Next, on the Skin channel, Casa Erotica Four. A tale of two Latin beauties...
-->'''Sam:''' ''[shuts off TV and tosses remote away]'' Hey. ''[pause]'' What?
-->'''Dean:''' Awkward.
* DeathByWomanScorned: Matt. Dean even quotes "Hell hath no fury".
* DoggedNiceGuy: Neil.
* EvilIsNotAToy: Neil finds out the hard way that he neither should have resurrected Zombie Angela nor try to bail on her.
* GoryDiscretionShot: The blood splatter on the television when Zombie Angela kills Matt.
* GratuitousGreek: The Ancient Greek used for the divination spell.
* HappierHomeMovie: Matt is seen watching a movie of Angela and himself.
* [[HeartbreakAndIceCream Heartbreak and Chocolate]]:
-->'''Neil:''' Okay. We've got [[DrowningMySorrows booze]], we've got chocolate, and, wait for it...tortured {{emo}} rock. Guaranteed cure for any broken heart.
* HurtingHero: [[StoicWoobie Dean]].
-->'''Sam:''' You're on edge, you're erratic--except for when you're hunting, because then you're downright scary. You're tail-spinning, man. And you refuse to talk about it and you won't let me help you.
* ILoveTheDead: Neil.
-->'''Dean:''' Your girlfriend's past her expiration date, and ''we're'' crazy? When someone's gone, they should stay gone.
* ImmuneToBullets: Even [[SilverBullet silver bullets]].
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: The only way to kill a zombie is to nail them to their grave bed.
* IntercourseWithYou: SubvertedTrope, with Dean being more descriptive.
-->'''Dean:''' Well, it takes two to, you know, have hardcore sex.
* JerkJock: Matt cheated on Angela with her roommate. He gets his throat slashed for it by her vengeful body.
* MirrorScare: Matt sees Zombie Angela's reflection in the television before she kills him.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: After Angela's death, Matt spends the rest of his days in his room sulking while watching home movie of himself and Angela.
* MonsterFromBeyondTheVeil
* NeckSnap: How Zombie Angela kills Neil and tries to kill Sam.
* {{Necromancer}}: Neil.
* NotQuiteDead: After Zombie Angela falls on the scissors.
* OurZombiesAreDifferent
* PantsPositiveSafety: Sam has his gun tucked in his waistband.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: One of Angela's goals in unlife is to kill everyone who betrayed (or thought betrayed) her or tries to stop her.
* SchmuckBait: The fake ritual over Angela's grave to lure her to the cemetery.
* SingleTear: Dean.
* ShoutOut:
** Dean introduces himself to Angela's roommate as [[Film/{{Fletch}} Alan Stanwyk]].
** When trying to explain to Angela's father why bringing someone back from the dead is wrong, Dean asks, "Haven't you seen ''Film/PetSematary''?"
** Sam accuses Dean of being influenced by the ''Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968'' series.
--->'''Dean:''' We can't just waste it with a [[BoomHeadshot head shot]]?
--->'''Sam:''' Dude. You've been watching way too many Romero flicks.
** Dean compares Neil's unrequited love to [[Film/PrettyInPink Duckie]].
** Dean suggests Zombie Angela went out to rent ''Film/{{Beaches}}''.
** When Zombie Angela confronts her roommate, she says, "[[Series/ILoveLucy Hi, Lindsey, I'm home]]!"
* SlashedThroat: How Matt dies.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Sam and Dean pretending to be grief counselors.
-->'''Neil:''' I didn't realize the college employed grief counselors.
-->'''Dean:''' Oh, yeah. Yeah, you talk, we listen. Or maybe throw in a little therapeutic collage, whatever jump-starts the healing.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Dean.
-->'''Dean:''' I hear you. Okay? Yeah, I'm being an ass. I'm sorry. But right now we've got a friggin' zombie running around, and we need to figure out how to kill it. ''[Sam laughs quietly]'' Right?
-->'''Sam:''' Our lives are weird, man.
* UndeathAlwaysEnds
* WalkingWasteland: All plants and a goldfish near Zombie Angela die.
* WhatTheHellHero: Sam gives Dean a minor one for stealing Angela's diary.
* YourCheatingHeart: Matt cheated Angela on her roommate Lindsey. When Angela dies in a car crash and then is brought back to life, she tries to kill both Matt and Lindsey (and succeeds with the former.)