Recap / Lost S 06 Epilogue The New Man In Charge

Season 6, Epilogue:

The New Man in Charge

For the benefit of people who nitpick or don't pay attention, Benjamin Linus is here to explain some things to you a couple of guys working in a warehouse:
  • The DHARMA pallet drops were a mostly automated process. The Lamp Post automatically generated co-ordinates for the drops and sent them to a DHARMA warehouse on the mainland, where the couple of guys had been working for twenty years to package everything and ship it out, unaware that the DHARMA Initiative had been disbanded.
  • The Hurley Bird was the result of a DHARMA genetic experiment being conducted in the Hydra Station.
  • The polar bears were brought to the Island by the DHARMA Initiative and kept in the bear cages on Hydra Island.
  • The polar bears in Tunisia were also from DHARMA. When the bears proved their natural intelligence and adaptability at the Hydra Station, they'd be taken to the Orchid and made to turn the frozen donkey wheel.
  • The problem with pregnancies was a result of the Incident: the electromagnetic properties found at the Orchid and the Swan sites were harmful to fetuses, and the Incident caused the entire Island to be saturated in said properties.
  • Room 23 was used by the DHARMA security forces to interrogate captured Others (particularly for information about Jacob, their "Island deity") and then erase their memories of being captured, ensuring the continuation of the truce.

After dismissing the warehouse guys with a nice severance package, Ben only has one more loose end to tie up: he goes to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where Walt Lloyd has been institutionalised. Walt has been having more and more trouble adjusting to life away from the Island, but Ben assures him that it's because of his specialness. Ben takes Walt to a DHARMA van in the parking lot where Hurley is waiting. He offers Walt a job on the Island, helping the trapped spirits of the deceased — including his father — to move on and find peace.

Walt: I kept hoping one day somebody would come back for me. They said I was crazy.
Hurley: You're not crazy, dude. Not even close. You just need to get back to the Island, that's all. It's where you belong. It's where you've always belonged.

Ben starts the van and the trio leave Santa Rosa, ready to go home.