Recap / Jane the Virgin - "Chapter Six"

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Jane starts her student teaching assignment at a Catholic high school, where two of her students are Rogelio's twin ex-stepdaughters. She also has to figure out whether she's willing to forgive Michael for lying to her. Xo has her first gig at the Marbella, but Melissa tries to sabotage it out of jealousy. Petra's plan to fake a domestic assault backfires, and she has to deal with Ivan's extortion attempt.


  • Ashes to Crashes: Petra smashes Zaz's ashes over Ivan's head.
  • Book Ends: The episode starts and ends with Jane kissing someone while fake snow falls on them. At the beginning, it's Michael in a flashback, and the fake snow is plaster. At the end, it's Rafael, and the fake snow is cherry blossoms.
  • Single-Minded Twins: Victoria and Valeria get absolutely no distinguishing features. Even the captions mix them up at one point.