Recap / Haven S 3 E 4 Over My Head

Nathan and the newly hired officer Tommy Bowen investigate a dead woman found in front of an ATM machine in the early morning. Looking over the security footage, they see a man, his face hidden by his hood, shoot the woman in the back of the head with a bolt gun. He then scalped her and ran off with the scalp. Tommy notices the man has the circular maze tattoo on his left forearm like Nathan and briefly suspects him before Nathan points out that the man is much taller and buffer than him and the tattoo is not in the same spot. He asks Tommy to take point on the investigation.

Claire is trying to use Lucy Ripley's necklace (see "As You Were") to hypnotize Audrey. Audrey gets annoyed and says they've been at it for hours with no results. Claire says they have to try. If they can reawaken her memories as Lucy Ripley, then perhaps they can figure out what happened in 1983, and how to stop her from disappearing. Audrey is still upset about having to force Duke to kill someone. She says all she can do now is help as many Troubled people as she can before she goes, but Claire warns that she's only one person and she can't do everything.

At the Haven swim center, substitute instructor Alice Hargrove is trying to persuade Frank Bentley to get into the water and swim. Frank is too scared. Alice assures him that he has nothing to be afraid of... when she gets pulled under the water as blood spurts everywhere. Frank screams in terror.

Nathan and the coroner examine Alice's body, which looks like it has been attacked by a shark. Audrey questions Frank, who says Alice was substituting for his regular instructor, Daphne. He claims that he doesn't have a Trouble and that his parents were great sailors, it's just he who is afraid to get in the water. Duke walks up and says he wants to help. Nathan complains and reminds Audrey that Duke killed a guy the other day, but Audrey reminds him that she forced him to do it. Nathan reminds her that Duke can absorb Troubled blood to give himself super strength, sooner or later, he will get a rush from killing.

Nathan goes back to the station to find Vince and Dave waiting for him. They want him to tell them about the ATM killing. Nathan says he's had enough of the Teagues brothers being so cryptic and demands to know what they know about the circular maze tattoo. They reluctantly explain that the tattoo is used for membership into The Guard, a secret organization that has been around for generations. The Guard defends the Troubled, willing to resort to murder. Nathan wants to contact them, and they say Jordan McKee, a waitress at the Guns 'n' Roses Diner, is a member. All Nathan will say about the ATM killing is that the killer had the tattoo and orders them out. As they leave, the brothers plot to force Tommy to tell them about the ATM killing, musing that blackmailing him should be fun.

Claire tells Audrey that Frank is one of her patients and she signed him up for Daphne's swimming lessons in an attempt to end his hydrophobia. She is sure Frank doesn't have a Trouble. She hands Audrey Lucy's necklace, but as she takes it, she has a vision of herself as Lucy Ripley. Lucy is at the beach, sadly looking at the Colorado Kid's body. The Colorado Kid is young, handsome, and has a slight resemblance to Nathan. As she snaps out of it, Nathan comes in and Claire decides to leave them alone to talk. Nathan shows her a shark tooth the coroner found in Alice's leg. Nathan then asks how things are going with Claire but Audrey refuses to talk to him about it. He tells her what he has learned about The Guard and says he will talk to Jordan and get some answers. As he turns to leave, Audrey tries to take his arm but he flinches and she draws back.

Duke is waiting outside and Nathan complains. Audrey wants to tell him about The Guard, but Nathan points out that since Duke is destined to be killed by someone with the tattoo, he should stay away from them. He tells Duke that he doesn't trust him and figures that Duke isn't done killing yet no matter what he claims. However, Duke tells Nathan that he's upset because Audrey trusts him. An enormous wave of water flows down the street and strikes a car. The trio help the driver, Reed Harris. His car is full of seaweed and fish, and they wonder where that wave came from. Reed has a small cut on his leg, but he insists he is fine and starts to leave. When they ask him, he says he doesn't know anyone named Daphne. Audrey gets a call saying Frank is dead. Nathan tells Reed to drop by the station later.

Tommy stops by the Teagues and says some of his friends in Boston PD have informed him that the brothers have been poking around his history. They say they just want to get to know Haven's newest resident. Tommy tells them to cut it out and leaves. The brothers chuckle and continue researching him.

The coroner tells Audrey, Nathan, and Duke that Frank was found dead in the shower, his lungs full of water. According to his cellphone, he tried to call Daphne several times. They decide to check Daphne out. Nathan reminds them that he's going to see Jordan and leaves. Audrey gives Duke Daphne's cellphone number and asks him to call her until she answers.

As they approach Daphne's house, Audrey asks Duke why he's following the investigation. He refuses to answer as a neighbor, Bob Harmon, comes over. Bob says Daphne has another job selling pharmaceuticals and usually comes home at night, but her car isn't in the driveway today. Bob keeps scratching himself and suddenly screams as hundreds of tiny crabs appear out of nowhere and swarm all over him.

Nathan goes to the Guns 'n' Roses Diner and is served by Jordan. He notes her tattoo and leather gloves and shows her his tattoo, saying they need to talk. Jordan sits down and mocks him because he got the tattoo without knowing what it means. Nathan says he knows about The Guard and wants to join, citing his opposition to Reverend Driscoll as proof that they are on the same side. Jordan says no, because he's a cop and they can't trust him. Nathan gets a call about what happened to Bob and starts to leave. He warns Jordan that he can make things difficult for her if she doesn't help him, so she says to meet her at the diner after hours.

Duke asks Nathan where he has been and he says to mind his own business. Bob is loaded into an ambulance and they are assured that he will live. The only thing each victim has in common is that they know Daphne, so they figure Reed lied. Nathan calls the station and finds that Reed never showed up.

The Teagues locate a reference to an Internal Affairs investigation into Tommy, and the brothers figure that Tommy came to Haven to hide out. They plan to get the file and learn what Tommy is hiding and then blackmail him with it to get the murder investigation files.

The trio go to Reed's house and find every window is cracked in the exact same pattern. Duke finds Reed's cellphone in the bushes and it is cracked the same way as the windows. They find Reed by the back door, bleeding profusely from the tiny cut on his leg. Nathan and Duke try to help him, with Nathan warning Duke not to touch his blood. Reed says he doesn't have a Trouble, he's being punished for his sin. Last night, while he was driving home from work, he swerved to avoid a car and the other car went off a cliff, but he chose to ignore it and go home instead of helping or calling 911. Reed dies, and Audrey figures it is Daphne's Trouble causing all of this.

On the shore at the base of a cliff, Daphne is trapped in her car. Her leg is bleeding from a tiny cut and the car is full of tiny crabs. A shark smells the blood and circles, waiting for the tide to come in so the water will be deep enough for it to reach the car. The windshield is cracked in the same way as Reed's windows. The car is slowing filling with water as the tide rises. Daphne can't reach her cellphone, which says she has 12 missed calls from Duke Crocker. Her voice raw, she cries and says she doesn't want to drown.

Duke suddenly gets wet and he collapses, coughing up water. Audrey manages to save him with CPR and he recovers. They figure that Daphne is manifesting her fears onto the people that she thinks will help her. She hoped that Alice, Bob, and Frank would realize that she had disappeared, and that Reed would change his mind and call the police after seeing her car go off the cliff. Her Trouble affected Duke because he had been calling her. They get a map and narrow down the areas that would have crabs and sharks. However, they realize that if they send a rescue team there then they could become Daphne's next unintentional victims, so they set off on their own.

They drive up to the cliff and see Daphne's car at the bottom. Audrey volunteers to rescue her, since she is immune to Troubles, while Duke ties a rope to the truck. Suddenly, Audrey faints, and Nathan catches her before she falls off the edge. She has the vision of Lucy Ripley at the beach looking at the Colorado Kid again, which ends when Nathan frantically wakes her up. They look up to find Duke lowering himself down the cliff with the rope. Nathan figures he plans to kill Daphne and aims his gun at him, but Audrey stops him and says to trust him.

Duke's arrival dislodges a few rocks as he wades through the water to Daphne. Daphne sees the falling rocks and screams for him to save her before they get crushed by a rockslide, and a rockslide actually starts to happen. Duke tries to explain that she's causing it with her Trouble and she can stop it if she calms down, but Daphne has apparently never heard of the Troubles because she has no idea what Duke is talking about. Duke gets an idea and sticks his hand into the bloody water inside the car. He absorbs it and his eyes turn silver. He draws a knife and Daphne screams, but he uses it to cut her jammed seatbelt. He then uses his temporary super strength to rip the car's door off its hinges and carry Daphne out to safety.

That night, Audrey and Claire visit Daphne in the hospital. Daphne is depressed after learning that she accidentally killed three people. When Duke arrives, Claire tells Audrey that she invited him and leaves them alone. Audrey thanks him but Duke still isn't happy that he had to kill someone and that she was the one who asked him to do it. Duke declares that he will use his Trouble to help people, not kill them like his ancestors. After Audrey leaves, Claire says she can tell Duke has feelings for Audrey and that he saved Daphne to try to impress her. Duke says he didn't save Daphne for her, but Claire doesn't believe him.

Nathan goes back to the diner after hours and shares a drink with Jordan. He shares that his biological father, Max Hansen, also had the circular maze tattoo and asks about him, but Jordan says she's never met him. He asks about her gloves, and she removes them and says that her Trouble is that anybody she makes skin contact with feels agonizing pain and she has no control over it. Nathan grabs her hand and nothing happens. As Jordan is amazed and gasping, Nathan explains that his Trouble is that he has no sense of touch. He says he wants to join The Guard and he will do anything to be trusted. Jordan says she will talk to her superiors and asks Nathan not to tell anybody, especially not Audrey. He leaves and Jordan stares at him, clearly starting to fall for him.

Vince and Dave confront Tommy with the evidence that he was involved in dirty dealings in Boston and threaten to expose him if he doesn't agree to work for them. Tommy smiles and says that he's done research on them too. Vince and Dave own almost half the land in Haven, and they have immense amounts of money hidden away in off-shore accounts that they clearly did not earn legitimately. The brothers are scared and agree to back off.

In darkness, Audrey's abductor, his face still hidden from the audience, (from this point on, this character will be referred to as the Bolt Gun Killer) takes the ATM woman's scalp out of a cooler. He places it on a mannequin's head and carefully brushes the hair.

Audrey finds herself back on the beach in 1983, but in her own body. She sees the Colorado Kid's body, then sees a barn, the same barn Audrey II saw in "Love Machine", floating on the water. The doors begin to open...

And Audrey wakes up. As she tries to get her bearings, Agent Howard walks up to her bed and says, "Audrey, you have to stop." Scared and confused, she answers, "Stop what?" "Remembering."

Audrey then wakes up for real.