Miriallia heads into the ''Archangel'''s bathroom, where she's surprised to find Flay ([[FanService in her underwear]]) with some kind of [[CucumberFacial cosmetic goo]] plastered on her face. When Miri asks what she's doing, Flay explains that she's getting ready to meet her father. As the daughter of a vice minister of the Atlantic Federation, she insists that she has to look her best. On the bridge, Murrue is receiving instructions from an officer of the fleet they're approaching, who tells them that they're almost home free. George Allstar, Flay's father, appears on screen and introduces himself. He thanks them for their efforts in rescuing refugees, and asks if it would be possible to see his daughter before they rendezvous, but the Earth Alliance officer cuts him off, saying that he'll have plenty of time to catch up once they meet.

In the Strike, Kira is working on the Strike's OS. Murdoch, the chief mechanic, shows up to check on him. Kira points out that what he's doing is probably unnecessary, but Murdoch laughs and tells him that it's still Kira's responsibility to take care of the Strike until they rendezvous with the fleet. He says that Kira could even volunteer for the Earth Alliance military if he wanted, once they get there. Kira waits until Murdoch leaves before saying that there's no chance in hell of that. Lacus sings to herself in her room, and we're shown scenes of the ''Archangel'''s preparations to rendezvous with the fleet set to her song.

On the ''Vesalius'', Ades and Rau are briefing Athrun and several other pilots. Rau says that it's too bad their reinforcements haven't arrived yet, because they would be useful in attacking the fleet resupplying the ''Archangel''. Athrun questions the need to attack when they're supposed to be searching for Lacus, and Rau reminds him that they're soldiers first and foremost. The ''Archangel'' detects three Earth Alliance escort vessels, but encounters N-Jammer radar interferences as soon as they do. Athrun in the Aegis launches from the ''Vesalius'' alongside three [=GINNs=]. The Earth forces ships launch their mobile armors; George Allstar demands to know how the captain could have failed to notice the enemy until now, but the captain ignores him. He orders the ''Archangel'' to withdraw from the battle instead of getting involved. George complains that it makes his whole trip pointless, but the captain tells him that if the ''Archangel'' is destroyed it will have been worse than pointless. The ''Archangel'' receives the order, but Murrue decides to attack, reasoning that there's no guarantee that they'd be able to escape anyway.

The ''Archangel'' goes to battle stations. Kira encounters Lacus on his way to the hanger, and insists that she stay in her room (after pausing to [[LampshadeHanging wonder what's wrong with the lock on her door]]). He continues toward the hanger, but before he can get there, Flay stops him to ask what's going on. He says he doesn't know, and she asks him if the advance fleet and her father are going to be okay. Kira promises her that everything will be alright. The ''Vesalius''' mobile suits destroy several mobile armors and damage one of the escort vessels while Mu and Kira launch to help them. The ''Archangel'' joins the fray, destroying a GINN with its beam cannons. Rau orders his forces to concentrate on the ''Archangel''. Athrun destroys one of the escort ships before becoming involved in a duel with Kira. Mu damages a GINN, but is damaged himself.

Flay enters the ''Archangel'''s bridge, demanding to know which ship is her father's. As Sai takes her off the bridge, another of the escort vessels is destroyed. Outside the bridge, Sai tries to calm Flay down, but she refuses to cooperate. The two are distracted by Lacus' singing; Flay breaks free and enters Lacus's room. Mu heads back toward the ''Archangel'', telling them that they need to withdraw now if they're going to escape alive. The remaining escort vessel takes damage, and George Allstar is incredulous that they can't shoot down a single GINN; the captain orders him into a life pod. On the ''Archangel'', Flay drags Lacus onto the bridge, and demands that they tell the ZAFT vessel that if they don't stop shooting at her father, she'll kill Lacus. Before anyone can do anything, however, his ship is destroyed. Flay starts screaming and crying, and Sai has to restrain her. Natarle gets on the radio and announces that Lacus is on the ship, and that if ZAFT continues attacking then they'll be endangering her. Athrun is furious, but Rau is more philosophical about it, noting that the ''Archangel'' is in an awkward position. Nonetheless, he orders his units to return to the ''Vesalius''.

!!Tropes used in this episode:

* CucumberFacial: Flay is giving herself one, sans cucumbers (which probably wouldn't have worked very well in space anyway), in the beginning of the episode.
* FanService: Flay and Miri's scene in the bathroom certainly counts.
* HostageSituation: Notable in that the ''heroes'' have the hostage. Sort of, anyway; Natarle never actually threatens Lacus, simply telling the ZAFT forces that Lacus is aboard the ''Archangel'', and destroying it will kill Lacus.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Murrue deciding to ignore orders and aid the 8th Fleet. Too bad it doesn't actually save them...
* TemptingFate: Basically ''everything'' Flay does in reference to her father in this episode.