Recap / Farscape Comics Scorpius 02 Glorious Basterds

Scorpius: Glorious Basterds

To prove his worth to the Kkore, Scorpius is given a difficult task that he nonetheless takes pleasure in: the destruction of the Scarran Empire. However, the Kkore's test is far more difficult than it first appears, and Scorpius has to take his Magnificent Bastardry to whole new levels if he's even going to survive, let alone succeed.

Upon his return to the Kkore, Scorpius begins to realise just how powerful his new masters are, how unflappable, how devious and how invincible. He serves at their pleasure, with no hope of escape, and it's only a sudden shift in the state of galactic affairs that gives Scorpius an opportunity to make himself useful, and thereby prolong his own life...

Issue 1: Knives at a Gunfight

Issue 2: Speak in Thunder

Issue 3: Between the Wheels

Issue 4: The Unexpected Inevitable