Recap / Farscape Comics 07 War For The Uncharted Territories

War for the Uncharted Territories

Issue 1: Twice More Unto the Breach

As the Kkore continue to annihalate all opposition, including a Hynerian fleet, Commandant Aeryn Sun is reuniting the scattered Peacekeeper military, convincing rogue units to return to the fold and trying to figure out who's holding the Grennij's leash. It's Captain Braca who provides that answer when he and his command carrier arrive with information on the Kkore, as well as news that Scorpius has joined their ranks. Meanwhile, Scorpius' fleet has been dispatched to Prybella with orders to kill the population and destroy the planet, just to keep its resources out of Peacekeeper hands. Chiana and Roiin attempt to learn more about the increasingly chaotic state of the Uncharted Territories: as they're having a holographic conversation with one of Roiin's friends, the signal is cut off, seemingly by an attack. Onboard Aeryn's command carrier, Crichton is midway through a conversation with Pilot when he overhears someone making plans. Before he can warn anyone, an armed group of Peacekeepers storm the carrier's bridge, led by Grayza, who wants her command back.

Issue 2: Death is Taxing

Grayza takes control of the carrier's bridge while Admiral Byral order her own command carrier and escort group to break formation with Aeryn's armada. However, Crichton is quick to respond and puts down the mutiny with help from a squad of Peacekeepers. Aeryn sends a message to the armada, giving any ship that doesn't wish to serve under her command permission to leave peacefully rather than engage in a fight, and Byral backs down. She and Grayza are court-marshalled: Byral is demoted to Lieutenant, while Grayza and her child are banished from PK space in a nav-locked shuttle with a cycle's worth of food. Meanwhile, on Moya, Pilot has intercepted a message that was being broadcast in the clear across the Uncharted Territories and tagged with Sikozu's name. The message is from Scorpius, in which he reveals that after accepting the Scarrans' surrender, he ordered the genocide of the Kalish people.
Scorpius: I did advise you, when we were together, that idealistic causes were a waste of your energy and considerable intellect. Consider this to be a practical application of that advice.
When Sikozu sees the message, she can do little but scream. On the command carrier, scanners pick up a massive Kkore and Grennij fleet closing on the Peacekeeper armada. Aeryn orders that fire be concentrated on the Kkore, but when the battle is joined, the opening salvos destroy a dozen carriers and two hundred Prowlers and Marauders. A Kkore ship fires on Aeryn's carrier as her bridge officers ask for orders and Aeryn has none to give...

Issue 3: Nothing Left to Lose

To be released in January 2011

Issue 4: Crawling From the Wreckage

To be released in February 2011