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'''Airdate:''' March 8, 2009

While on his way to buy groceries, Peter buys a retarded horse instead, which not only creeps everyone out but also causes $100,000 worth of damage when Peter enters it in a race and it goes on a rampage. Though the horse ends up dying of a fatal heart attack and Peter disposes of the body by flinging it into Mort Goldman's Pharmacy, the Griffins are in debt for initial damages. To make money, Peter works as a test subject for medical experiments, being injected with various genes to see their effects; these include the squirrel gene, the Seth Rogen gene (with Rogen himself providing the voice of the transformed Peter), and the gay gene, which turns Peter into a [[CampGay flamboyant homosexual]].
!!"Family Gay" contains examples of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS7E8FamilyGay YMMV goes here]]):
* AllGaysArePromiscuous: Peter's partner Scott presents him with an eleven-way gay man orgy shortly before the gay gene wears off.
* AllGaysLoveTheater / ShoutOut: When Peter and Lois are in the doctor's office to try and learn how long the gay gene will last, one guess the doctor makes is 525,600 minutes, to which Peter responds, "RENT! RENT!"
* BrickJoke: Peter sends the horse to Mort after it dies. Mort gives it back to them at the very end.
* BrokenAesop: Peter agreed to take a gene to turn himself gay. The lesson presented in this episode is that you can't change your sexuality. Note the disconnect.
* CampGay: Peter after injected with the gene.
* CluelessAesop: The episode attempts to show that being gay is not a choice by having Peter, a straight man, ''choose'' to have the "gay gene" injected into him. It's also trying to teach tolerance of gays, which doesn't work when Peter is as [[CampGay over-the-top, obnoxiously stereotypical as you can get]].
* DeadBabyComedy: Literally; the disastrous horse race has a woman hysterically screaming, "My baby's dead!".
* FanService: Lois in that nightie.
* HeteronormativeCrusader: Stewie of all people.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Lois is depressed without Peter to cuddle, but she gets Peter out of the Straight Camp because she wants him to be happy being who he is with Scott.
* LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain: Literally said by Meg when Peter becomes straight again.
-->'''Meg:''' [[LampshadeHanging So, we're, like, just never going to talk about this again?]]
-->'''Peter:''' That's right sweetie!
* OutOfCharacterMoment: At this point in the series, Brian's been established as a strong supporter for gay rights, and while he admits that [[CureYourGays sending Peter to the straight camp]] goes against his beliefs, [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy he does it to make Lois happy]].
* OverlyLongGag: ''"Guiltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."''
* PrecisionFStrike: "TAKE BACK YOUR '''''FUCKING''''' HORSE!!!"
* StatusQuoIsGod: According to the doctor's notes on the gay gene, the effects wear off after about two and a half weeks (about 17 or 18 days), which happens right when Peter's in the middle of an 11-way orgy (the doctor lost Lois's phone number, so he was unable to let her or even Peter know about it).