'''Airdate:''' May 8, 2012


After getting ganged up on in gym class while playing dodgeball, In this send-up of ''Taken'', Meg's friend Ruth invites her to come study for a semester in Paris. Although a little reluctant at first due to the cost, Meg wins over her parents after she tells them she can afford it with money she saved. Upon arrival in Paris, they agree to share a ride with a stranger who phones in their location to his cohorts when they arrive. As they settle in and Meg calls her dad at home, she observes men breaking in and kidnapping Ruth. Meg tries to hide but is also caught. Peter speaks briefly with the kidnappers before they cut him off. When the FBI arrive, they give Lois the bad news that if Meg isn't found within ninety-six hours she might vanish forever but they are unable to act before that time is up. Brian overhears and pitches to Stewie that they should act themselves.

On their way to Paris, Stewie reveals he has a tape he made of the kidnapper's short conversation with Peter. Arriving at Ruth's aunt's house, they decide to use Google Earth to trace Meg and find a satellite image of their stranger rider with them. They return to the airport and spot their stranger. Confronting him with a picture of him with Meg and Ruth, he bolts but is hit and killed by a bus. Brian and Stewie check his wallet and discover an address. Disguising themselves as salesmen, they use voice recognition software to compare the recording with Peter and discover their man. After killing his companions and fighting him, Stewie gets him to reveal he keeps the girls upstairs. They rush up to discover rooms full of girls handcuffed to beds, but when they spot one wearing Meg's hat, she reveals that she was taken away to a sex slave auction.

Arriving at the auction, they slip inside with Stewie disguised as one of the victims but as they try to hide, Stewie is caught and entered into the auction. Stewie puts on a show, forcing Brian to buy him, but they are both discovered to be frauds when confronted to pay. Just as they are about to be taken away, they spot Meg in the auction. As Brian and Stewie are chained in a basement, Brian manages to break loose and strike his captor with the pipes they are chained to while Stewie finishes him off. As they exit, they spot Meg being rushed away and try to intercept but the kidnappers evade them and rush Meg onto a yacht.

Knocking out a henchman and stealing his car, they use the car chase GPS to follow until they manage to leap aboard from a bridge. Stewie arms Brian with a gun and silencer and he takes out several of the bad guys, as well as a passing waiter of another boat until he runs out of bullets but before he can be shot, the passing boat returns and picks off his would-be executor. Meg finds herself delivered to a rich, fat Arab and puts up a show of defiance, but he reveals he bought her to be his handsome son's wife. He makes a heartfelt proposal, offering to send her home if she wishes but proposes marriage which Meg gladly accepts. But as they start to kiss, Stewie picks off the suitor with his own silencer-equipped gun. Stewie blanks out Meg's memory of his involvement, leaving her to only remember her dead suitor while Lois reveals that Ruth had her tongue ripped out.

!!"Leggo My Meg-O" contains examples of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS10E20LeggoMyMegO YMMV goes here]]):

* AffectionateParody: Complete with lots o LampshadeHanging.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Despite returning to being {{Jerkass}}es at the end of the episode Peter and Lois seem genuinely concerned for Meg when she's kidnapped.
* DisguisedHostageGambit: Brian and Stewie dress up as an Arabian businessman and a new victim respectively to infiltrate the auction, unfortunately Brian is forced to by Stewie to stop him being sold off.
* DodgeballIsHell: The episode starts with all the kids in Meg's high school ganging up on her in a game of dodgeball.
* GenreBlindness: Peter's advice to Meg "Pay no attention detail, hide under the bed but leave one leg visible".
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold / PetTheDog: Brian and Stewie head to Europe and rescue Meg.
* KarmaHoudini: This was Connie D'Amico's last episode, and she is seen pelting Meg with dodgeballs. She never learned her lesson from Brian in "Barely Legal".
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Stewie does this to Meg.
* ObviousStuntDouble: The last command on "car chase GPS".
* PaletteSwap: Ruth's clothes are slightly different in this episode, for some reason.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Stewie has no problem fighting off large amount's of sex slavers.
* ProtagonistCenteredMorality: The two are unwilling to save any of the other kidnapped girls, even as one begs for their help. Not to mention poor Ruth...
* WholePlotReference: The plot is a reference to ''Film/{{Taken}}''.
* YankTheDogsChain: Just when it looks like Meg is about to live a happy life with a handsome and kind prince...