Recap / Extra Credits Playtesting

Playtest: A user type of feedback that game designers do to know their real quality of games.

     Why Some Designers Are Hesitant To Do Playtesting? 
  • They don't feel like their work is ready to be shown yet
  • They might think that the players don't understand their work
  • They might think that players would only give them feedback that they already knew
  • Showing their work to other people is tough

     Major Challanges In Playtesting 
  • Shyness
  • Bias for their game
  • Hesitation of starting the playtest as soon as possible

     How To Playtest 
  • Elaborate to the players as little as possible
  • Observe and Listen the players actions
  • Create a test survey, a test survey with a score scale with a comment box is especially recommended
  • When communicating the players after the playtest is over, find the underlying problem from the problems stated by the players
  • Give the players a comfortable environment to playtest
  • Playtest as a group

     Candidates For Playtest 
  • The game designers themselves are "the worst" candidates for playtesting, because they may be biased about their game they created.
  • The game designers' family and friends are also not recommended, because they are also biased.
  • Hardcore players can be recommended, but beware that they have a lot of game experience to adapt in playtesting
  • People who have a moderate liking of games are recommended
  • Strangers who never heard about you are highly recommended
  • Children are highly recommended, because they are eager, open and honest about your work.

Outro: The Drugstore Sell Sparks! by Ailsean