Recap: Digimon Adventure E 7 Roar Ikkakumon

On a mountain far away, black gears rise into the air...

The weather has gotten colder, and the children are now suffering from exhaustion due to it. Taichi tries to cheer them up by saying that itíll be fun if it snows, and all of the kids wistfully start to think up things they could do if it snows - all of them, that is, except Jou, whoís fussing over everyone and worried about all of the potential disastrous consequences of snow, despite Soraís attempts to get him to calm down. Jou declares himself the one whoís responsible for protecting everyone, because heís the eldest.

Exactly as Taichi predicts, it does snow, and Jou worries on what they will do. However, the Digimon smell something weird, and the kids run over to what they believe are hot springs...only to find out that the waterís too hot to get into. (Sorry, weíre not getting the Hot Springs Episode until a little later.) The kids relax, especially because there seems to inexplicably be a refrigerator full of eggs nearby, but Jou continues to freak out, feeling like heís the Only Sane Man here.

Despite Jouís protests, the kids decide to have the eggs to eat, reasoning that if the owner of the refrigerator finds out, theyíll be sympathetic to the kidsí plight. The kids and Digimon work together to fry and boil the eggs, while Jou wonders how everyone can be so carefree. While eating , Jou brings up the subject of home, and the kids attempt to stave off the homesickness by talking about what they like on their eggs. As they bring up their increasingly bizarre preferences for eating with eggs (in contrast to Jouís simple salt and pepper), Jou only feels more alienated.

Jou: Japanese culture is collapsing before my very eyes!

Jou stubbornly insists that one shouldnít live putting such ridiculous stuff on their eggs, while Gomamon playfully teases him over being so stubborn. Jou, however, is so dead-set on treating it as Serious Business that he exhausts himself, protesting that heís not the one angry, itís everyone else acting crazy.

Taichi and Yamato have (yet another) fight, this time over whether they should try climbing the nearby mountain, Infinity Moutain or not (Taichi believing they can see a good view from there to get an idea of their surroundings, Yamato worried that itís too dangerous). Jou tries to get the fight to break up, but is asked by both boys to take a side, as heís able to see both sides of the situation, it only gets the fight more heated, and Sora ends up being the one who has to break it up.

Deciding that itís his responsibility, Jou decides to scale the mountain himself after everyone is asleep. Gomamon accompanies him, claiming that he has something to see himself on that mountain, and encourages him to lighten up. After some hard climbing, with Gomamon and Jou helping each other up, they reach around the halfway point, upon which the mountain begins to shake...and spits out the black gears that had been corrupting Digimon in the prior episodes. Seeing this, Jou decides he needs to check it out.

When they get to the area where the gears were released, they end up unable to find anything about it, and soon Gomamon realizes that theyíre being approached by Unimon, whom Gomamon declares a ďsmart, gentle DigimonĒ, which of course means that theyíre going to be attacked by Unimon later in the episode.

Jou, being as smart as he is, expresses concern that he might end up like the others, but Unimon does seem to be gentle as Gomamon describes, as he just stops by for a drink off a nearby waterfall. This peace, however, is interrupted as a black gear comes from the sky and embeds itself in Unimonís back, causing Unimonís eyes to go red and causing Unimon himself to attack Jou and Gomamon.

Sora wakes up and sees a note in the dirt left by Jou saying that heíll be back. Figuring out quickly that he went to Infinity Mountain, she wakes everyone up. As a result, Birdramon, along with Sora, Taichi, and Agumon, arrive just in time to save Jou and Gomamon from a rampaging Unimon. Unfortunately, despite Birdramon and Greymonís efforts, they are unable to defeat Unimon. Jou, now knowing for sure that the black gear is whatís causing the rampage, decides to take matters into his own hands and remove it himself, to Gomamonís horror. Jou declares that itís his duty to protect everyone, because heís the eldest, but is thrown off by Unimon and begins to fall to the ground, triggering Gomamonís evolution into Ikkakumon. Ikkakumon quickly catches Jou and shoots directly at the gear, freeing Unimon.

Taichi apologizes to Jou, and Jou thanks Gomamon for saving everyone. Taichi, Sora, Jou, and their Digimon partners climb up the rest of the mountain, and find that the island that theyíre on (File Island) is a small, solitary island in the sea, with no major nearby landforms in sight...