Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 5 Destroy The Dark Tower

The Kaiser works the Gizamon as his slaves in a large snowy field, whipping those who don’t comply. The worm Digimon with him offers him a coat, but he kicks him away, telling him not to get in the way. Jou’s Gomamon tries to intervene with the Kaiser’s treatment of the Gizamon, yelling that they’re all trying their best, but the Kaiser punishes Gomamon for his trouble by offering a break to any Gizamon who finishes him off. Of course, once the barely conscious Gomamon is left for dead, the Gizamon's “break” turns out to be brainwashing at the hands of the Evil Ring to continue building the prison.

After the Kaiser leaves, the very injured Gomamon wanders off and finds a Digital Gate TV. He collapses in front of it, calling Jounote ’s name...

Jou’s Digivice beeps, and Jou decides to skip class so he can check out what’s going on. At the elementary school, Iori is unable to tag along due to having weekly kendo practice with his grandfather, leaving Miyako, Takeru, Hikari, and Daisuke to find the SOS signal. They find the SOS signal to be from an area far from where they’ve been before, and the rapid pace of the Kaiser’s expansion makes them worry that the Kaiser’s base is expanding as they speak.

While at kendo practice, Iori loses focus when he thinks of Upamon, and his grandfather berates him, telling him that he and his sword are too rigid and that his father, Hiroki, was like that as well...after which he offers Iori bagged jelly. Iori asks to end the lesson in the middle, bothered by what’s going on in the Digital World, and Iori’s grandfather muses that he’s really becoming more like his father.

Jou arrives at the computer room, having heard of what’s happened, where he catches up on what’s going on. The entrance of Iori makes Upamon extremely overjoyed, and together as a group they enter the Digital World.

As soon as they enter, they find themselves in a snowy field, and Jou happens to have heating pads just for the occasion. Miyako drops a heating pad on the ground, revealing Gomamon’s eye, and they find that Gomamon is buried in the snow. After they dig him out, Gomamon shares a reunion with Jou, and Jou finds out that Gomamon was hurt at the hands of the Kaiser. They see the nearby Dark Tower and decide to take it out.

In order to get across the snow field and to the Dark Tower, they use some rope that Jou happens to have on hand and the efforts of the Digimon to make a large sled. As they cross the field, the Kaiser’s worm-like Digimon tips him off that the Chosen Children have arrived. Thus, when approaching the Dark Tower, the children find themselves faced by an army of Yukidarumonnote .

Since the priority is to destroy the Dark Tower, the kids and their Digimon try to speed past the Yukidarumon rather than fight them. The Kaiser’s response is to get the Yukidarumon to induce an avalanche to stop them, and the sled is sent off-kilter. In the process, Iori is thrown off a cliff towards water, but is saved by Gomamon.

The group recuperates near a fire, and Iori is unable to keep going with his injuries, but insists on going since he’d left his kendo lesson early and he wouldn’t be able to face his grandfather if he didn’t go. Armadimon and Jou convince Iori to stay behind, while the others go back to try and destroy the Dark Tower.

Jou tells Iori that he had ditched a practice test at school, but that he doesn’t mind doing so because he wanted to come to the Digital World. Jou tells Iori that even if they’re called the Chosen Children, they’re the ones who are choosing what they should and shouldn’t do.

Soon after, Jou and Iori are attacked by the Kaiser and a Shellmon. Unable to have Gomamon evolve, Jou has Gomamon attempt to stall out the Shellmon until the rest of the Chosen can destroy the Dark Tower. Knowing that Gomamon is injured, Jou mentally urges the others to hurry.

Daisuke has V-mon armor evolve to Fladramon, and his group takes on the Yukidarumon, while Iori has Armadimon armor evolve to Digmon to back up Gomamon. When Iori is about to be attacked, Digmon shelters him and takes all of the hits, declaring that he will protect Iori, while the Kaiser’s worm Digimon looks on sadly. Digmon manages to free the Shellmon from the Kaiser, but they’re attacked soon after by an Ebidramon, who starts a brawl with Digmon and drags him into the water. Luckily, the combined forces of Nefertimon, Pegasmon, and Holsmon destroy the tower, allowing Gomamon to evolve to Ikkakumon, save Digmon, and destroy the Evil Ring on Ebidramonm, while Fladramon frees the Yukidarumon.

Jou entrusts the job of protecting the area to Gomamon and, having being deprived of the time to do it earlier, Iori formally introduces himself to Jou. Hikari says that Iori is very like Jou in some ways, being conscientious and sincere, and Takeru points out that his desire for knowledge is much like Koushirou’s.

Seeing another one of his areas lost, the Kaiser turns to his accompanying worm-like Digimon, Wormmon, and asks him what the plan is.