Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 12 Duel On The Digimon Meadow

Birdramon is under attack by the Kaiser’s army and, after being injured, falls and calls for Sora. At tennis practice, Sora finds her Digivice beeping and knows Piyomon is in danger. She emails the others, but Hikari and Takeru end up preoccupied (taking a walk with Tailmon and sleeping, respectively) and don’t receive her email.

Fortunately, Daisuke and Iori get the email, and Iori alerts Miyako. The three of them meet up in the computer lab with Sora and, unwilling to wait for Takeru and Hikari, go into the Digital World. They find themselves in a town reminiscent of The Wild West and begin searching for the Dark Tower and Piyomon.

They end up in what looks like a saloon, and a Starmon, calling himself an “ally of justice”, welcomes them to Wild West Town. When Sora asks the Starmon if he’s seen Piyomon, Starmon shows Piyomon to be on a "Wanted!" Poster, but says that he’s been looking for her to protect her from the Kaiser. Upon Sora mentioning the Evil Ring, Starmon becomes startled and takes off his hat, exposing the Evil Ring he’s wearing, and tells the kids that the Kaiser has ordered him to execute them. Knowing this, the kids make a run for it, but Starmon quickly re-captures them and places them in a dungeon, where they find none other than Piyomon!

Piyomon relates that she had wound up in Wild West Town after having been attacked by the Kaiser’s army of Airdramon, and Starmon had attacked her and taken her in. Unable to evolve from lack of energy, the kids’ Digimon are unable to break them out, but a Digimon named Revolmonnote  bursts into the dungeon. The kids are initially suspicious of him when he declares himself to be yet another “ally of justice”, but he shows them that he has no Evil Ring and declares that the Kaiser would never control someone like him. Revolmon breaks open their cage and tells them that he’s going to rescue play cards with him, and since he only wants to play with the girls, he’s going to rescue only them.

Starmon returns to the dungeon to have lunch, only to find the dungeon doubly locked up with the boys and the girls missing. Starmon, incensed, runs out to settle a score with Revolmon, while the irritated boys remain. They see Starmon’s left-behind lunch, and Iori, knowing that the Digimon can armor evolve if they’re fed, tells Armadimon to imagine that their ropes are food and bite through them. Meanwhile, at Revolmon’s card game, the girls contemplate how they can make their escape from him...

While Starmon interrupts the card game and instigates a duel with Revolmon, Daisuke and Iori are freed by V-mon and Armadimon, and they use the ropes Revolmon had tied them up with in order to get Starmon’s lunch and feed their Digimon. Armadimon armor evolves to Digmon and breaks them out, and V-mon armor evolves to Lighdramon so that they can help the others.

Revolmon cheats in his duel with Starmon and the two begin shooting each other, but Starmon runs of out ammo and resorts to using his normal attacks. Daisuke and Iori see the attack from afar and use it to find the others, intervening when Starmon defeats Revolmon and is about to start Sora and Miyako’s “execution”. Having reverted to V-mon, V-mon armor evolves to Fladramon, and begins to beat back Starmon. The scuffle destroys the “execution stand” where Starmon wanted to hang the Chosen, revealing and destroying the Dark Tower under it.

With Wild West Town free from the Kaiser, Starmon and Revolmon force all of the kids to play cards with them, keeping them until late, while the Kaiser works on improving his Dark Spiral...


  • Filler: This is the first episode in the Digimon anime that has absolutely no effect on the overall plot (all prior episodes having the kids at least find or discover something important to the rest of the series).
  • Frothy Mugs of Water: The Starmon welcomes the kids to Wild West Town with “Welcome Milk”, which is milk in what looks like beer glasses. The milk seems to have no real effect on the kids other than quenching their thirst, so it probably is milk, but it’s odd to see it served in beer glasses in a Wild West-style saloon.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: This episode marks the first aversion of this trope: Daisuke puts them on briefly to fend off the sand winds.
  • Heroes Gone Fishing: Hiraki, Takeru and their respective digimon miss Sora's SOS because they're out for a walk or sleeping.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The absence of this keeps the Chosen (and the audience) unaware of Starmon being controlled by an Evil Ring until about ten minutes into the episode, when he reveals his Evil Ring. The red eyes noticeably kick in after this point.