Recap / Death Note Ep 13 Confession

Detective Touta Matsuda and Light volunteer to go to Aoyama to investigate on the date mentioned in the journal entry. Light intends to find out who the Second Kira is, and in order to keep his identity unknown to the shinigami following Misa, he gets a group of his friends to surround them while they walk. Possessing the shinigami eyes, however, Misa finds out that Kira is Light Yagami because his life span is the only one she can't see. Although Misa Amane is indeed an idiot, she seems to have played this one well. After all, she even managed to thoroughly disguise herself. Later, Misa confirms to the investigation team that she has found the real Kira, as per her usual idiocy. The team decides to change their approach and try to reason with her. They release a television broadcast condemning Kira as a heartless murderer who will kill anyone who discovers his identity. Furthermore, they offer to lessen the severity of the punishment the second Kira will face if she reveals information about the real Kira. Misa ignores this, finds Light and explains that she tracked him down because she loves him.—-

This episodes includes:

  • Actually, I Am Him: Misa reveals to Light that she is the second Kira. Chances are that he never expected this outcome.
  • Revealing Hug: While hugging Misa, Light smirks evilly.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Misa becomes this after seeing Light for the first time.