Recap / Death Note Ep 11 Assault

While Light is looking outside the window of his house in the afternoon, L and his group are discussing of Naomi Misora's death. If they want to investigate it, they should separate it from the Kira case and should use sketches instead of actual photos. Out of the team since her body is not found, Aizawa is quick to believe that she's dead. L doesn't buy this as he find it odd that her body is not found. Watari arrives with news in watching Sakura TV.

As they do so, they notice that Kira has Sakura TV hostage, and started killing off the newscasters. L realizes of how Kira wanted to spread the message around the world, so he instructed the team to stop this broadcast. However, their efforts are in vain as none of Aizawa's contacts in the station have their phones on and as Matsuda picks up on the receptionist, nobody's answering. Ukita runs off to Sakura TV on his own.

Soichiro is still recovering at the hospital as Sachiko turns off the TV, saying that news is not really good for his health. He urges her to turn it back on, despite the recovery.

Ukita arrives at the station and tries to get a security guard to open the door, but he refuses, so Ukita pulls out a gun. But before he could shoot, Ukita started to have a heart attack, and dies in front of the station. The news of his death reaches the team as Aizawa is angered by this.

Tropes used in this episode: