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Recap: Death Note Ep 04 Pursuit
Ryuk has told Light about a deal between humans and Shinigami: Shinigami eyes for half of the lifespan. Light refuses the deal, regardless. He even joked about getting wings. Suddenly, he gets an idea about how to get the shadow who's following him. Remembering one of the rules of using the Death Note is that a death would happen when he wrote down the person's name and details, he decided to put it to the test on some criminals.

Soichiro is working in his office to get the news that criminals die of heart attacks, but not before they do strange stuff. L finds that out as well, and thinks Kira can now manipulate people's actions before their deaths. He tells the chief not to release that news to the public.

Tropes used in this episode:

DealingsRecap/Death NoteTactics

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