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Recap: Death Note Ep 03 Dealings
The police officers present their reports regarding the Kira case. Matsuda is one of those to present. Although it's not to give Kira credit, it is stated that crime has been reduced. After the meeting

Meanwhile, Light has helped Sayu in another homework. He asks her if she's ready to do this on her own, and her answer is "yes". As their father is down, he tells her to solve the last problem by herself, but she'll do it after dinner. Ryuk is convinced Light is relaxed. To top it off, he has the advantage. It turns out the Chief investigating Kira is really his father.

After dinner, Light remembers one of the rules in using the Death Note is that when a person's cause of death is written after 40 seconds, it will happen. As a result, while doing his normal everyday routine at school, criminals started to die. Soichiro, alongside L, gets the news of this. While walking to the street, Ryuk asks Light on how to kill L. The reply is that he will let the police get to him. This is because while they're working together in the surface, they're suspicious of each other in the inside.

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