->'''Office Temp:''' ''That's'' the ambassador of the griffon homelands?\\
'''Platinius:''' Yes.\\
'''Office Temp:''' And ''you'' are the assistant?\\
'''Platinius:''' Yes.\\
'''Office Temp:''' And it isn't the other way around because...?\\
'''Platinius:''' Well, it's kind of our shtick. For the love of your Celestia, ''please ruin it.''

The second book in the ''JustForFun/DaringDo'' franchise originated by A.K. Yearling, ''Daring Do and the Griffin's Goblet'' is notable for a large number of firsts, including the introductions to numerous recurring characters - [[InsufferableGenius Derring Do]], [[HandicappedBadass Storm Talon]], [[BadassBookworm Tabula Rasa]], [[DashingHispanic Bravado]], [[ObstructiveBureaucrat Ambassador Hawkwings]] and [[HypercompetentSidekick Deputy Platinius]] - as well as launching plot threads that would be continued in later books. It is also the first book to open on one of Daring's classes, as would soon become the pattern.

!! Short Summary

Daring Do is hired to track down a mystical goblet; her search leading her to discover a conspiracy that reaches all the way into her past.

In addition to the returning main cast of ''Sapphire Stone'', the Applewood film adaptation stars [[Creator/AngelinaJolie Agister Jolie]] as Derring, [[Series/UglyBetty Equestria Furrera]] as Tabula Rasa, [[Creator/SamuelLJackson Samuel L Hawkson]] as Storm Talon, [[Creator/WilliamAtherton William Featherton]] as Ambassador Hawkwings, [[Creator/JohnBarrowman John Barrowmane]] as Bravado, [[{{Series/MASH}} Gary Birdshoff]] as Deputy Platinius, [[Creator/LaurenceFishburne Clawrence Fishburne]] as Copperbeak and [[{{Series/Revenge}} Henily Van Cage]] as Nimbusbeak. [[Creator/ShiaLaBeouf Shia La Buck]] makes a [[OneSceneWonder one-scene]] appearance as Herpy.

!!''Daring Do and the Griffon's Goblet'' contains examples of:

* AscendedExtra: Daring briefly stops to talk to Herpy, a somewhat silly, but surprisingly competent Page for the University. Herpy was previously mentioned in passing in ''Sapphire Stone'', and his [[RougeAnglesOfSatin mispelled]] [[UnfortunateNames name]] earned him a lot of popularity, though his appearance here led to [[http://joestevensinc.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Inquirer-24-283453811 lasting controversy]].
* {{Ambadassador}}: Platinius quickly establishes himself as such: in addition to his diplomatic prowess, he also takes on Copperbeak and his ninja minions in claw-to-claw combat.
* AssInAmbassador: Ambassador Hawkwings, a rude, obnoxious and outright abusive guy who only really got his job via nepotism, and who [[spoiler: only avoids a righteous beating by the Dos by claiming it could create a serious international incident. At which point Professor Storm Talon casually walks by and [[OffHandBackHand smacks him over the head with his prosthetic tail]]]].
* BadassFamily: The first time the Do siblings are portrayed as such.
* [[ClusterFBomb Cluster B-Bomb]]: Storm Talon, especially when ranting at Hawkwings.
* ConservationOfNinjutsu: {{Lampshaded}}: "Why is it the less of you there are, the harder you get?!"
* CoolAirship: Storm Talon's last command, ''The Storm's Vengeance'', a Tiger-Hawk class aerial dreadnought, makes a brief appearance.
* [[IndyEscape Daring Escape]]: TropeNamer, of course.
** [[IndyHatRoll Daring Hat Roll]]: The TropeNamer. Appears for the first time.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Bravado turns up for a single chapter in which he is perusing [[HeroOfAnotherStory his own adventure that has nothing to do with Daring's current one]] at the Summit. He helps Daring get the key needed to steal back the eponymous Goblet from Ahuizotl's minion in exchange for helping him get his hoofs on a satchel of unknown contents.
* {{Expy}}: Platinius is [[Literature/{{Retief}} Mane Retief]] in a less comic setting.
* GambitPileup: Holy horseapples. Daring wants to get the Goblet for a museum,[[spoiler:Ahuizotl is playing Hawkwings like a string bass in order to take over Sieyrie Lione]] Platinius is desperately improvising to prevent an international incident, Nimbusbeak wants revenge on Hawkwings for backstabbing her for a promotion, and Copperbeak's Nightwings are stirring the pot everywhere.
* HighlyVisibleNinja: Defied, at least in Copperbeak's case. "If he dressed like that, you'd know he was a ninja."
* HijackedByGanon: [[spoiler: The reveal that Ahuizotl is manipulating Hawkwings ''and'' the Night Wings]].
* MrExposition: Professor Storm Talon to Daring.
* MultiWielding: When fighting Platinius, Copperbeak wields a weapon in both talons, his tail, and [[FeatherFingers his wings]].
* {{Ninja}}: The Night Wings.
* [[OffHandBackHand Off Hoof Back Hoof]]: Professor Storm Talon nailing Ambassador Hawkwings with his with his prosthetic tail while casually walking by him.
* ParentalAbandonment / DisappearedDad: Daren Do's disappearance is mentioned for the first time, in a conversation between Daring and Storm. [[spoiler: [[{{Cliffhanger}} She then finds out that he's alive]]]].
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Storm Talon gives one to Hawkwings for being a useless, obstructionist, ungracious jerk.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Red Pony, Blue Pony]]: [[color:#ff0000:Ambassador Hawkwings]] and [[color:#0000ff:Platinius]].
* SmugSnake: Hawkwings' only real defense against retribution for his behavior is the threat of firing and blacklisting for his own employees, or diplomatic fallout against Equestrians. Storm Talon fell under neither of these categories and proceeded to give him a much deserved smacking.