Recap / Daria S 5 E 09

Jane, a bit tired of being a third wheel to her best friend and ex-boyfriend, winds up meeting a cute guy named Nathan at a thrift store. Nathan is into a retro clothes fad, and Jane soon becomes involved too. Daria and Tom don't really like Nathan, but Jane is similarly put off by their discomfort. However, they're eventually proven right when Nathan and Jane get into a fight, which demonstrates that Nathan is a bit too obsessed with this gimmick. Jane breaks it off and sells her retro clothes (most of which she just found in the attic) for a tidy profit.

A subplot involves Upchuck showing off his magic tricks, which intrigue Stacy so much that she volunteers as his assistant. The pair get a gig at the school, where Upchuck will be locked in a box and forced to escape; naturally, a large part of the student body buy tickets for the chance to see him perish. Sure enough the stunt seems to go wrong, and Stacy has a breakdown on stage; however, it turns out that this was part of the act, and when the school's staff finally gets the box open they find it empty, with Upchuck calmly standing in the audience.

Tropes present in this episode: