Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 6 Shockwave

Michael and Pearce come up with a plan to take down Anson thanks to Rebecca's intel on the location in Atlantic City where Anson will collect his new papers. Unfortunately Sam isn't allowed to go thanks to his patchy record with the CIA. Michael heads off with Jesse, Pearce and Nate but clashes with Nate when he clears some partying teens from the hotel and then orders four pizzas to the room. Michael sends Nate away as he is afraid he will compromise the operation and lose the chance to secure Fi's freedom.

Meanwhile back in Miami Sam ends up trying to protect Barry from some angry weapon dealing enemies of Fi's. After they head out to a client's summer house to get Barry's hidden ledgers, the bad guys catch up to them. Things get pretty desperate and after improvising various weapons they have to blow up the summer home of Barry's client which kills/knocks out the team trying to kill them.

Someone is sent to the room to collect the papers but it turns out to be a woman that Anson is hired and he is at the airport waiting to leave. Only Nate is near so Michael sends him after Anson but warns him to wait for backup. Nate punches Anson and leads him out at gunpoint but before Michael and Pearce can secure Anson, Anson is shot with a high calibre bullet that goes through him and makes a giant hole in Nate. Michael tells Nate to stay with him but its too late.

Michael breaks the news to Madeline who is furious. Fi is released from prison and when she asks what's wrong Michael breaks down.