Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 12 Means And Ends

Michael, Fi, Sam and Jesse head back to Miami with Nate's killer Tyler Gray in tow. Tyler has been ordered to burn the loft down by Tom Card but as they are setting the fire, Fi's cellmate Ayn shows up needing help. She is being hassled by a dirty cop named Garza who thinks she should still be in prison for killing his CI, (Civilian Informant) her abusive brother-in-law. Fi agrees to help over Mike's objections and they send Jesse to meet Garza under the cover of "J Train", a gangster looking to sell out his kingpin boss Sherrod Washington to the police and then take his place. Since Garza's partner was recently killed by Sherrod and Garza will seemingly do anything to bring him down, Jesse tries to convince Garza steal police evidence from another case that Jesse claims he will then plant on Sherrod. In reality the team plans to document Garza breaking the law on tape and use it as blackmail material to make him back off Ayn.

Unfortunately for them Garza takes some time to think the offer over and decides that he is unwilling to steal police evidence and goes alone to confront Sherrod, planning to either arrest Sherrod, or die in the attempt in the hopes that the brazen, daylight murder of one of their own will inflame the police into coming down hard on Sherrod. Mike and the others manage to see what is coming, place a call to the police and show up to hold off Sherrod and his goons until the police can arrive to arrest Sherrod. Afterward Garza orders Ayn's release.

After an awkward conversation with Madeline, Tyler Gray meets with Card in a hotel room, with Michael and Sam listening in and hoping to record evidence to expose Card. However, the recording cuts out as soon as Card and Gray are alone, (likely due to Card having a signal jammer) and Mike sees suspicious activity from a team of agents surrounding the building and guesses that Card means to frame Gray as being responsible for everything that happened in Panama. Michael bursts into the room, and sees that Card has a hidden gun trained on Gray. A tense standoff ensues as Michael has a gun on Card, and Card has one on Gray... until Card shoots Gray and begins offering a psychologically paralyzed Michael justifications for his actions and to give Michael a fresh start. Michael is nearly swayed until Card adds "I'm so proud of you, son" at which point Michael kills him.

  • The Atoner: Garza becomes this.
  • Deceased Fall-Guy Gambit: After killing Gray, Card begins making arrangements to do this.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Garza prepares to do this, including donning full dress uniform before he goes to confront Sherrod.
  • Ghost Town: Garza calls Sherrod out right in the open, which makes everyone flee the scene. Sherrod mentions it when he finally comes out and confronts Garza.
    Damn, Garza, you turned this place into a ghost town! Guess now all we're missing is the ghost... [draws his gun]
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Card's last speech to Michael is full of this, and he tries to appeal to Michael on those grounds, as Michael knows all too well what it's like to be in that position.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Card gives a masterful performance in the closing minutes, using an improvised speech and justifications, drawing on Michael's history of having to work with unpleasant and morally horrific people for the sake of accomplishing the "right" goals to make him think working with Card again wouldn't be so bad, deflecting blame onto others while talking about all the good work to improve the world still needs to be done, and could be if Michael and Card can work together. He even intended to use Michael's parental issues and need for approval from a father figure to seal the deal, and only the fact that Gray had told Michael about how Card liked to use that particular speech as a means of manipulation back in Panama helped Michael see through it.
  • Redemption Equals Death: That's what Garza believes (apparently he's kinda Catholic), so when he decides to make his big play, he's planning to die.
  • Saying Too Much: Card nearly has Michael coming around until he adds the "So proud of you, son" bit, at which point Michael realizes that Card has been manipulating him the whole time and was trying to use Michael's daddy issues as the cherry on top.
  • Say Your Prayers: Hearing Garza doing this before going to confront Washington convinces Team Weston that the guy is knowingly setting himself on a Suicide Mission.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The bystanders in Sherrod's neighborhood do this en masse once Garza calls out Sherrod.
  • Suicide Mission: Garza attempts to go into Sherrod's neighborhood, the very center of his power, and arrest him with no backup. Verges on a Thanatos Gambit, because of how he hopes the rest of the police force will react to his probable death.
    Sam: [Listening to Garza reciting the Lord's Prayer] How close are Mike and Fi?
    Jesse: About five minutes.
    Sam: Okay. Well, I think they're going to be too late because Garza is getting ready to die.
    Jesse: Maybe he's... just really religious?
    Garza: [Finishes praying, gets out of his car] Sherrod, come out and face me like a man, you little bitch!
    Jesse: Nope, you're right. He's gonna die.
  • Wham Episode: The last five minutes or so completely change the direction the show is going for the season.