Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 13 Over The Line

This episode picks up where the last one left off. Michael stands over Card's body in shock. Sam is angry when he finds out Michael killed him and it wasn't self-defence. Their bickering is interrupted when they discover the hotel is on lockdown. They split up, with Sam pretending to be a concerned hotel employee who is tending to a passerby Michael hit.

Michael makes it out by reversing through a parking garage wall to a road where Jesse and Fi are waiting. Unfortunately Sam is questioned by CIA agent Olivia Riley and she recognises him as Sam Axe and promptly arrests him.

Michael, Fi and Jesse make it to a storage unit but have to leave again quickly as Michael tries to call Sam and correctly infers Sam has been arrested and the call has been tracked when he doesn't answer. He bugs the area and the team hear Sam pretend to make a deal by offering up Copperfield Marina as the location where Mike will go.

Mike, Fi and Jesse decide to go there and rescue Sam but before they can begin the ambush, Riley gets suspicious and tricks Sam into revealing his intel is a trap. Fortunately the others have a plan B. Jesse and Fi head through the sewers and get Sam free and Riley at gunpoint and the team pursuing Michael are made to stand down.

The gang drive Riley out into the woods and Michael tells her Card was running unsanctioned missions and killed people to cover it up. Riley responds by saying she doesn't care and she will pursue him to the ends of the earth.

The episode ends with Mike meeting his Mum as planned at a spot where they used to go fishing. She plans to stay in Miami to help them. Mike wants her to flee. He admits he doesn't think he can win this time and Madeline advises him to go down swinging.