Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 14 Down And Out

Still on the run, the gang attempt to flee by boat with fake documents but Agent Olivia Riley is on to them. Sam says goodbye to Elsa and they leave in her car. His hacker buddy Dixon gives them the location of Calvin Schmidt, a smuggler but before Schmidt can help smuggle them out of the country he needs help.

Schmidt is in hiding from Jabbar Hamady, the abusive husband of one of his clients. He helped the wife flee but unfortunately Jabbar is an ex-Syrian spy who enjoys torture and killing. The gang get Michael into Jabbar's base as a disgruntled ex-employee of Schmidt but before Michael can complete the plan Schmidt leaves the motel where he is meant to be hiding and gets captured. Fi was meant to be with him but has to leave to see Madeline. Madeline warns her Riley is watching Madeline very closely and asks Fi to say goodbye before they leave for good. Fi gives Madeline a burner phone so she has a safe way to talk to them.

This time Plan C involves Michael giving Schmidt a dangerous "truth" drug to prove himself to Jabbar. Schmidt gives up the location of Jabbar's wife and then dies. Michael and Sam persuade Jabbar to let them deal with the body and they get him to an ambulance and revive him.

Michael calls Maddie on the burner phone and asks her to say the location of the Syrian restaurant loudly and then "Ok Michael",, I'll meet you there". The CIA take down the Syrians. However Schmidt warns the gang he no longer has the money to put their escape plan together and Sam seems to be having second thoughts about leaving Elsa.