Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 11 Desperate Measures

Mike, Fi, Sam and Jesse are stuck in Panama after Card's failed attempt to have them killed. After Sam and Jesse talk Michael out of killing Gray for shooting Nate they try and find a way back to Miami. The plan is for them to find a flight back to the US and then have Sam's "buddy" Dixon hack the flight records and delete the record of the flight the gang will be taking.

Fi manages to find a pilot named Rico willing to her to the US. She gets the jump on Rico and the others manage to evade the armed guards and sneak onto the plane. Unfortunately before they can take off properly Gray slips his restraints and jumps off the plane and Michael follows him. It turns out that Rico's cousin and the owner of the plane is a vicious drug smuggler named Vasquez who naturally wants his drugs and plane back.

Fi forces Rico to turn the plane round and Sam and Jesse find a phone and offer Vasquez the plane and the drugs in exchange for Michael and Gray. Unfortunately Card told Gray Michael was a threat to national security so Gray offers Vasquez the rough location of the plane and Team Western in exchange for his own life. He changes his mind though in the nick of time when Michael refuses to give up his friends after some Cold-Blooded Torture. Gray gets untied, shoots Vasquez and cuts Michael loose.

Fi is on the plane which Rico has flown back to Vasquez's base and finally the gang set off back to Miami as planned. Mike and Gray agree to work together to take down Card.