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Recap: Burn Notice S 6 E 10 Desperate Times
Tom Card sends Michael, Fi, Sam and Jesse to Panama to track down Tyler Gray who killed Nate and Anson. Michael is unhappy to be working with a field agent named Brady Pressman but Card doesn't give him a choice. Also Fi is angry about Michael asking the CIA for help with this after the way they reassigned Pearce and forced her to help on a job.

Things don't get any easier when they get to Panama. Gray finds their base and they have to flee across a rooftop leaving most of their weapons behind. After they've improvised some weapons they manage to find Gray and his term of mercenaries later and set up an ambush. Michael manages to disarm Gray and get him at gunpoint.

Gray laughs in Mike's face and tells him that Card sent him and his team to wipe Michael and the others out. Michael refuses to believe him until he calls Card and Card lies that he can see Gray on surveillance footage running down and alley and Michael needs to stay put. The gang flees but Card really wants Michael and the team dead as they find out when fighter jets bomb the area to oblivion.

Brady drops Mike, Fi, Sam, Jesse and their hostage Gray off in the woods and then makes a Heroic Sacrifice by continuing to drive the car and drawing the fire of the jets. They make it back to a safe house but Sam wonders what the hell they do now.
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