Recap / Burn Notice S 2 E 11 Hot Spot

Michael, Sam and Fi help two teenagers named Corey and Tanya. Corey beat up a gang member named Felix who tried to abduct and assault his fifteen year old sister Tanya. Unfortunately Felix has a gang and a powerful boss named Tony Soto and the whole gang is after Corey.

Mike, Sam and Fi go undercover as smartly dressed international car thieves. After a few attacks on Felix and his friends they trick him into attacking Corey's car while they and Tony Soto are in it. Soto is furious and plans to kill Felix so Felix and his gang leave time.

In the Burn Notice plot, Michael is investigating who blew up his loft and trying to keep Carla one step behind him. They find a name and a house and Fi goes to investigate. She triggers a fire trap and when Michael goes to find Fi the house is in ruins. When he gets back to the loft Fi is revealed to be alive but her phone was destroyed. Relieved Fi is alive, Michael kisses her.