Recap / Bottom Terror

It's halloween and the two have decided to go trick or treating to raise cash for a party. Richie dresses as the devil and Eddie dresses as a banana since their were no more pumpkin outfits left. While out the stumble on Spudgun's house and let it slip that they are having a party.

The two prepare by make a rather thick homebrew that disolves the enamel off the bath and Richie makes "sprouts mexicain" a mix of sprouts, chilli powder, curry powder, 3 bottles of tobasco sauce and gunpowder. Only Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog show up resulting the party being a failure.

Richie decides he will sell his soul to the devil for cash and sex. They make a pentangle out of pencils and eat the sprout mexicain to summon him. At midnight the "devil" appears who is reavealed to be Dave's daughter Dorine.