Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who CCS 8 E 5 The Beginning

One of the stories as to how the Doctor and Susan left Gallifery, although its canon status is debatable. Part one of the Quadrigger Stoyn arc.

  • Foil: Quadrigger Stoyn, who wants to very much to return to Gallifrey, is this to the Doctor, who does not want to go there.
  • Retcon: Par for the course in Doctor Who. The Archaeons on the Moon are seeding the planetary body above them with lightning, which the Doctor determined they were using to nurture life in a controlled environment. This A) disagrees with the idea that Moon appeared when Silurian civilization was at its height (Though the timeline there would be nonsense anyway) and B) contradicts the origin of life on Earth as seen in City Of Death.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: One of the few times it's averted. The TARDIS is still in its original shape.