Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who CCS 7 E 9 The Scorchies

Jo Grant finds herself on a UNIT mission in the middle of "The Scorchie Show", a tremendously popular television show hosted by a bunch of puppets. She's welcomed by Grizz Fizzle, Cool Cat, the Magic Mice and dear old Professor Baffle (who's just... just... baffled!) and introduced to the audience. As a guest star on "The Scorchies", she'll tell a story, make a thing, sing a song and be killed dead!

She sets about making a thing, together with a very ugly little dolly, and makes a very nice pretend ray-gun out of cardboard with a big pretend death crystal on one end. The ugly dolly reassures the rest of the Scorchies that it really hasn't been telepathically taken over by someone else, "old chap", but it gets ray-gunned to death as soon as its pals see what they've made. Secondly, it's time for Jo to tell a story, so she tells about that time she and the Doctor saw "The Scorchies" on television, and when a bunch of people started dying from watching it, the Doctor and the nice Brigadier decided to storm the studio. However, that was the last time she saw the Doctor, and Professor Baffle kindly explains that they blew him and Bessie to pieces with a rocket launcher.

Jo begins to cry, so dear old Professor Baffle tells a nice story as well. Long ago, a very clever old man (Dr. Cleverman) on a planet far away invented something called television. And soon, everyone was watching television, and talking about television, and going on television to complain about television, to the point that they were all caught unaware when the planet was attacked by an alien invasion, raining fire from above, so they wanted to see if they could save themselves using television. Even though Dr. Cleverman explained that his invention wasn't really ready yet to save planets, the people tried it anyway, and they were broadcast out as body-less minds... also lacking any love or kindness. Without bodies, the scorched Scorchies were forced to roam about searching for things like puppets to possess, and they got very angry because of that, so they decided to destroy other planets to until either the entire universe was sorry or everyone was dead. Whichever came first. And they took Dr. Cleverman with them, who soon enough also became a Scorchie. And he was just baffled! So baffled, in fact, that he became Professor Baffle.

While Jo tries to resist the Mind Virus, UNIT begins to invade the studio, so Jo and Professor Baffle are forced to quickly set about making another thing. It's a thing to reverse the polarity of the polarity reversal that the Third Doctor had set up, because Professor Baffle has to admit that he couldn't quite bring himself to kill the Doctor with that rocket launcher. In fact, Professor Baffle is so scared of being a Scorchie, he's decided to kill himself and let the Doctor telepathically invade his puppet body. The thing he and Jo make doesn't reverse the polarity of the polarity reversal, it reverses the reversal of the reversal. The Scorchies are blown up and banished from their puppet bodies again, the Mind Virus will wear off in a few days, and the Doctor and Jo go back to UNIT base to fix Bessie.

The End... Or Is It?