Recap / A Certain Magical Index Arc 4 Angel Fall

The fourth arc of A Certain Magical Index, consisting of volume 4 of the light novels and episodes 15-17 of the anime. This story arc was omitted from the manga for some reason, even through some important plot points happen here.

Short Summary

Touma is forced to go on vacation with his family due to the events that ended the Level 6 Shift project only to discover that a world-wide spell, Angel Fall, had been cast; switching the elements, as well as the appearances of persons, all around the world.

Touma, with the help of Kaori and Motoharu, go about trying to find the culprit who cast Angel Fall, as well as dealing with his family, who he's meeting for the first time since losing his memories.

In addition, a mysterious character, Misha Kreutzev, enters the scene.

Long Summary

The Sweep of an Angel

After defeating Accelerator, delinquents looking for prestige and glory increased their hostilities on Touma as he was the one to have defeated Academy City's strongest esper. Because of this, Touma is forced to leave Academy City (along with Index) at the urging of Tsukuyomi Komoe, while Academy City quells the situation during his absence. Touma, as a Academy City student, has to go through the due process before being able to get a pass to go outside of the city, strangely, Index did not need this, as Touma discovers that she has been mysteriously registered in the City's records.

Kamijou Touya – Touma's father and collector of souvenirs from all around the world – unitentionally activates Angel Fall after arranging the various souvenirs in his home in accordance to the principles of feng-shui in an effort to stop his son's vast misfortune and after accidentally leaving his house unlocked to go to Touma's current location.

Hundreds of miles from Japan, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kanzaki Kaori are within the hallowed halls of Windsor Castle and St. George's Cathedral in England, protecting them from the full effects of Angel Fall, however, they are still affected by it, and Kaori's appearance retains that of Stiyl, and for Motoharu, that of Hitotsui Hajime. With everybody else made unawares by Angel Fall, Kaori and Motoharu go to Japan to confront the center of the spell, Kamijou Touma, before the catastrophe of an angel being dragged into the earth occurs.

According to Fiamma of the Right, some time before the events of the arc, a great Distortion of the Laws of the World occurred, and gave an opening for the Angel Fall grand spell to activate.

The Angel Who Fell From The Heavens
First father-son reunion since the day of Touma's memory loss

Prior to the start of the arc, Touma makes and agreement with his family in the Oowarai Beach resort. However, for some reason, Touma's family were unable to go to the resort on the appointed day promising that they would arrive the day after, disappointing Index who was eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Throughout the day before meeting his family, Touma becomes considerably anxious and worried of their impending arrival, citing his memory loss as the reason, as he has no idea what his family looks like and what kind of persons they are.

Touma wakes up the next morning, unaware of the change that the world has gone through. Touma meets his father, and though depressed that he could not recognized his face as well as the fact that he will never get to see the house he was born in, as Touya says that they have moved into a new house (as is the reason why they were not be able to come to the resort the other day). Touma is however, content that he finally gets to meet his father.
Touma notices there's something different about the rest of his family

However, soon discovers something is incredibly wrong, after seeing that nearly everyone he knows from both magic and science side has converged into the resort apparently to pull a prank on him. With Index being his mother, Misaka Mikoto being his cousin Tatsugami Otohime, and Aogami Pierce as Index.

After much trouble, Touma finally realizes that people switching their appearance is too much in a large scale for it to be a mere prank. While pondering about this, Touma is nearly attacked by Misha Kreutzev, who suspected Touma to be a spellcaster, however, he saved just in time by Kanzaki Kaori (who he meets for the first time and successfully manage to fool her that he didn't lose his memories) and to his surprise Tsuchimikado Motoharu.
Motoharu and Kaori explain Angel Fall to Touma after Misha attacked him

Here, they explain to him that for reasons unknown a magician has cast a spell called Angel Fall which caused a distortion in the world by forcing an angel class into that of a human class, ruining the balance between the classes and thus switching the content and appearances of humans. Motoharu explains that Touma is the most likely suspect for Angel Fall, as his appearance did not change and is the reason why Misha attacked him. Though, they explain to Misha that Touma could not have been the spellcaster as he is a low-level esper, and that he shows no signs of injuries with use of magic due to him being an esper. Tsuchimikado also states that Touma could not have been the spellcaster as he holds Imagine Breaker, an ability that negates all supernatural phenomena.

Touma proves his innocence to Misha by cancelling her magical directed attack on him as a test. However, the spell is still centered around Touma, which indicates that someone close to Touma might've been the one to have cast Angel Fall. Touma later demands how Motoharu knows of his Imagine Breaker and his knowledge regarding the magic side, to which Motoharu replies that he is also a member of Necessarius.

Having explained the situation to Touma, the group concludes that the spellcaster must be near Touma, and that they must either defeat the spellcaster or destroy the ritual location of Angel Fall.
Motoharu reveals his injury to Touma for using magic

Both Misha and Kaori investigate Touma's family, much to their delight due to their queer appearances (with Kaori having the appearance of Stiyl). Meanwhile, Touma and Motoharu talk on how he is a magician as well as an esper (as well as he cannot be with Touma's family since his appearance is that of Hitotsui Hajime and would most likely cause a ruckus), and that using magic again could potentially kill him, and shows his injuries to Touma. They also talk about on how he was a magician using Onmyouji and specialized in feng-shui, before coming to Academy City as a spy and going to the Power Curriculum Program, which made most of his magic unusable; as well as Kanzaki Kaori's apparent distaste for her own fortune, with connections to her past as an Amakusa Christians; which is also the reason why Motoharu warns Touma not to say his "Such misfortune" line.

However, Kaori suddenly barges in, unable to bear being around Touma's family. She later forces Touma to guard the entrance to the male hotsprings as her form is currently viewed by others apart from Touma, as a man and the obvious implications of her going into the female's hotsprings. After a misunderstanding with his father, Touma is forced to runaway with his father from an attack by Kaori as they both see her trying to get dressed.

After catching their breath, Touma remembers that his father's appearance is not truly his, which depresses him. This prompts Touya, to reminisce on his youth, and compares Touma's worried look to that of Shiina. Their bonding is interrupted when they notice that Misha is alone, Touya later forces Touma to interact with her.

Though having a cold demeanor, Touma breaks the ice by offering Misha candy. Though, she is extremely modest in taking it from Touma, trying not to touch his right hand. Misha then explains to Touma that Angel Fall is still incomplete, and that if it was completed a great calamity would occur like that of ancient lore.

Touma awakens the next day to find that her mother forgot to lock the door to the house, and opts to return home to check on it, with Misha accompanying her, which confuses Touma. Touya tries to make a joke about it regarding Misha's shyness; however, Touma notices that Misha didn't touch his hand at all after Touya pointed this out to Touma. Knowing this Touma reports this Kaori and Motoharu, to which they conclude that Misha maybe the culprit. Pointing out that Misha somehow knowing a significant amount of information regarding Angel Fall as suspicious, since there are no records what Angel Fall truly is. Because of this, Motoharu accompanies Touma to his house.

They arrive to find out that they have arrived before Shiina and Misha (since they took the train). Here, Motoharu and Touma notices that Touya has gathered several souvenirs in his home, curious of this, Touma tries to touch them though is told by Motoharu not to. While wondering around however, Touma discovers that the picture of his father remained consistent with his current appearance, to which Motoharu reminds to Touma that besides him, the spellcaster's appearance will not have changed. At the same time as this Shiina and Misha arrives, the latter discovering that Touya is the culprit of Angel Fall as well. This forces Touma to follow her, as Motoharu is preoccupied with Shiina since she mistook him as Hitotsui Hajime.
Touma confronts his father being the caster of Angel Fall

Touma arrives on the beach before Misha, and is informed by Kaori that his father is in the beach alone. Touma explains to Kaori the situation regarding his father as the culprit, and although reluctant at first, she allows Touma to handles the situation with his father.

Touma confronts his father on the beach, and demands to know why he dabbled in the occult. Touya explains that the reason is to counteract his misfortune. According to Touya, the reason he sent Touma to Academy City is because the city lacked superstition, being the city of science, and would hopefully help remove the misfortune that has plagued Touma since his childhood. However, even then the city could not solve Touma's misfortune, and as such Touya turned to occult to help Touma. Touma, however, chastises his father, saying that even though he was misfortunate, he never said that he regretted it, and no matter how misfortunate he was it was his path to walk on.

Hearing this from Touma, Touya agrees that he will stop collecting souvenirs. This surprises Touma as he thought that they were talking about the occult and Angel Fall. Touma determines that Touya has no idea about Angel Fall, even though his appearance did not change.
The Misha disguised angel attacks the Angel Fall caster in order to return to Heaven

Misha however, appears before them, determined to eliminate the spellcaster. Touma tries to plead to Misha, stating that even though his father's appearance has not change, he has no idea regarding Angel Fall. Kaori arrives shortly, threatening Misha in harming humans without permission; here, she states that the person before them is not Misha but someone who is using the appearance of Sasha Kreutzev. Kaori states that Misha is the one who was affected by the Angel Fall, an angel who has fallen from heaven, who has come to eliminate the culprit behind Angel Fall and return to heaven.

Misha turns afternoon to night, and unleashes a magic circle into the sky preparing to unleash The Sweep, a devastating spell said to have destroyed an ancient civilization. Kaori orders Touma to take his father and find away to stop Angel Fall, before the angel uses The Sweep, while she handles the angel. Though reluctant to leave Kaori behind, Touma concedes and takes his father away from the scene.

Kaori fends off Misha by using the techniques she learned back when she was still the leader of the Amakusa, however, she is quite aware of her limitations, and keeps on the defensive, unable to attack Misha.
Motoharu planning to sacrafice himself to end Angel Fall

Meanwhile, Touma and Touya returns to the resort to find that Motoharu has knocked out everyone. Here, he states to Touma that Touya is indeed the caster of Angel Fall, though he himself is unaware of this. According to Motoharu, Touya followed the principles of feng-shui and arranged his souvenirs in his house to create the ritual location for Angel Fall, activating it only after they left the house without locking it. Angel Fall was activated out of sheer coincidence.

Motoharu begins threatening them, saying that he needs to kill the spellcaster as he is unable to destroy the ritual location. Touma becomes angry because of this, and states that he will not allow anyone to be sacrificed; he attacks Motoharu but is quickly beaten by him. Touya is also incapicated as well.
The angel returning to Heaven after the destruction of Angel Fall

Touma however, realizes that Motoharu is trying to cast a magic spell even though he is an esper, which he knows would probably kill him. Touma pleads to Motoharu to stop, but is told by him he will not. Motoharu apologizes to Touma for beating him up, as that was the only way to allow him to cast magic without any interruption, as Touma is similar to Kaori, as they would both stop at nothing to prevent Motoharu from doing this to himself. Motoharu’s last words to Touma are that he is a liar.

Motoharu’s spell is completed, and releases a glowing projectile up to the sky like a meteor, with Misha and Kaori stopping their battle to see where it is headed. The glowing projectile finally reaches its destination and with a burst of light, destroying the ritual location – the Kamijou residence. Instantly, the darkness from the sky as well as The Sweep disappears. At the same time as this, Misha's form begins to crack apart and disappear, until finally the angel that descended from heaven vanishes. Kaori looks on and fall down to her knees, tired from her duel with a divine being. Smiling, the angel tells Touma and it owes him another one.

Back in the room, Touma comes to and tries to wake his father up. Touma notices there is blood all over the floor, and gazes to side to see the bloody body of his friend – Tsuchimikado Motoharu.

Motoharu reveals to Touma he wasn't going to die thanks to Auto-Rebirth

Touma returns to Academy City and is being treated in the frog-faced doctor’s hospital. Here, he discovers that Motoharu is still alive, despite his injuries after using magic. Motoharu states that he lied that he would die if he used magic, as his esper power – Auto-Rebirth allows him to use magic a few more times. Motoharu then states he also lied about him being a spy in Academy City, and that he is actually a double-agent, and states that is also a lie as well and says that he is actually a agent for multiple organizations.

This irritates Touma, until he is calmed down by Motoharu bringing in his parents in his ward. Here, he sees his mother’s true form for the first time. However, their reunion is interrupted after they state that their house has been destroyed by unknown force and is forced to move into their old house – where Touma was born. This angers Touma, and tries to confront Motoharu, however, he has already left, and only to be greeted by a livid Index who then bites Touma for all his abuse on her during their time at the resort.

  • Adapted Out: The portion of the Angel Fall investigation surrounding the serial killer, Hino Jinsaku, whom was believed to be the culprit that casted Angel Fall, was cut from the anime adaptation.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Kaori, Motoharu, and Touma's family.
  • Arc Villain: A fallen angel naming itself Mishanote  who takes the form of Sasha Kreutzev due to Angel Fall
  • Barely-There Swimwear: The swimsuit Touma's mother wears.
  • Brain Bleach/Fan Disservice: Seeing "Index" in such a scanty swimsuit and then "Pierce" in a girl's swimsuit.
  • Can't Bathe Without a Weapon: Kaori carries her sword everywhere with her, even when she bathes.
  • Contrived Coincidence: The Angel Fall spell was cast accidentally by Touma's father. Tsuchimikado notes that with the amount of occult artifacts he had collected, casting some spell was inevitable, and it's a miracle it was a relatively benign spell like Angel Fall.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Gabriel is such a threat that Kaori reveals her magic name right away instead of as a last resort.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: Touma's ordeal through this entire arc is only known by Kaori and Motoharu.
  • Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds: Toya Kamijou almost caused the world to be destroyed, and he never learns this.
  • Moment Killer: Touma intentionally stops his parents from having sex, since his mother looks like Index at the moment.
  • Our Angels Are Different: This is the first story where we meet an angel, the titular creature that fell from Heaven due to the spell. While it attempts to return in a non-violent way, in the end it will have no choice but to cause massive destruction to fuel its re-ascent.