The Museum of Everything is a [[Creator/TheBBC Radio 4]] comedy series, written by and starring Marcus Brigstocke, Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell, broadcast between 2003 and 2006. The series is essentially a sketch-show, with various recurring characters and surreal scenes linked together by the concept of a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin museum that contains literally everything.]]

!!This show provides examples of:
* BrickJoke: Music/TomWaits is initially introduced as a museum curator as a throwaway gag. He returns later.
* CherubicChoir: Heard whenever [[MundaneMadeAwesome the gift shop is mentioned]].
* CloudCuckooLander: Just about everyone, but especially the curator. Who, for some reason, happens to be gravelly-voiced American singer-songwriter Music/TomWaits.
* CodeEmergency: Often used to humorous effect: "Will Mr Fire please come to the flammable items gallery?" or "Will Mr Bomb come to the Suspicious Packages Gallery?"
* EldritchLocation: The Gift Shop counts - one father and his son kept trying to exit, only to have all doors lead straight back into the shop.
* EyeScream: The museum's curator, Music/TomWaits, will frequently tell some surreal, rambling anecdote inevitably featuring someone with a missing eye. He's eventually forced to admit that he doesn't know ''anyone'' with a full set of working eyes.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Oh so very many.
* MishmashMuseum: Well, what do you expect when the museum contains literally everything?
* MuseumOfBoredom: Largely averted, as you might expect. Certain exhibits count, such as the history of stairs exhibit which is located between floors one and two.
* OnlySaneMan: Museum visitors often come across as this.
* ParodyCommercial: Numerous, including a worrying-sounding theme park called Badgerland (parodying the Toy'R'Us adverts) and regular adverts promoting bizarre partworks: [[SerialEscalation Build your own life-size Bob Dylan! Week by week, build your own full-scale replica of the Cutty Sark! How about a one-to-one scale replica of France!]]
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: The mistress of Bagshot Grange (a stately home now open to the public due to the owner's debts) shows nothing but contempt for her disabled husband. She's also convinced that anyone foreign or working-class must be a criminal, which proves a problem when she's giving them guided tours.
* RecursiveReality: It's pointed out that a Museum of Everything would also have to contain another Museum of Everything, and so on.
** Also the sketch involving a man unable to leave the gift shop, since all the doors lead straight back in.
* RunningGag: Plenty, such as the constant expansion of the gift shop.
* TakeThat: The Museum of Everything Film Institute features pretentious film critic Tom Commode whose distinct accent (pronouncing film as ''fillum'') is an obvious parody of critic Tom Paulin. On one occasion he interviews the most important figure working in ''fillum'' today: [[spoiler:Himself]]. The name also appears to be a swipe at critic Creator/MarkKermode.