!!Warning: the original comic, and a few of the adaptations, are made by French and Belgian writers who have different sensibilities compared to American ones. Some of the entries here (not counting those from American adaptations) are completely normal there.

!!The Comics:
* In "''The Finance Smurf''", one of the Sculptor Smurf's unfinished statues is a naked Smurfette statue, covered just by her arms a la Birth of Venus.
* In “''You Don’t Smurf Progress'',” at one point, “King Trash” releases a brick from opening a hatch from his backside.
** In the same story, Greedy trying to [[ThePeepingTom peek at Smurfette while she's showering.]]
** [[LingerieScene "They didn't even smurf me enough]] [[http://bluebuddies.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?/topic/1/2947/2.html time to smurf on something decent!"]]
* In “''The Wild Smurf'',” a Smurf’s bare bottom is visible.
** Ditto near the end of "''The Smurfs' Garden''."
* In "''A Child Among the Smurfs''," after the destruction of several Smurf houses, Papa Smurf tells the Smurfs whose houses are intact to play host to the others. When Smurfette asks who will stay over at her house, several Smurfs yell "Me!" including one whose house wasn't destroyed.
* In "''The Clockwork Smurf''", right after getting out of the rain, Gargamel reaches for a cup of an alcoholic beverage and takes a swig. [[IntoxicationEnsues He instantly becomes sozzled and]] [[DrunkenSong begins to sing to his captured Smurfs how they won't get any of what he's just had]] ([[http://img13.deviantart.net/bd42/i/2013/005/2/7/gargamel_and_azrael_have_been_celebrating_by_unclegargy-d5qipu7.jpg in the original non fan-translated comic, anyway]]).

!!The 1976 animated film "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute":
* At one point, while dosing the fire out in the King’s room, Peewit takes a swig from a wine vial.
* Then later, when Papa offers them a drink, Peewit drinks from a tiny glass and then when Papa looks away, Peewit dunks down the whole pitcher, implying that it may be wine.

!!The ’80s cartoon series:
* In the episode “''Smurf On Wood'',” the name of the volcanoPapa and Homnibus watched from a distance is called “Mount [[{{Polyamory}} Polyandrous]].” "Polyandrous" is the state or practice of having more than one husband or male mate at one time.
* Every Smurf has/had a crush on Smurfette...including Papa Smurf, who is around 542 years older then her.
* In “''Supersmurf'',” Bigmouth the ogre just stolen the Smurf's entire warehouse of food and the Smurfs were trying (obviously) to get it back. Smurfette tries to use her "feminine wiles" to charm him into giving the food back. The opening dialogue was:
-->'''''Bigmouth:''''' (''to Smurfette standing in his open hand'') What you want, Smurf?\\
'''''Smurfette:''''' (''vamping'') Oh, you silly ogre, I'm not a SMURF, I'm a [=SmurfETTE=]. ''(pause, hands on hips)'' Wanna see?\\
'''''Bigmouth:''''' (''long pause then vehement headshake'') . . . No.
** Let alone the fact that Smurfette's origin story was that she was made by Gargamel in an attempt to seduce the Smurfs.
* In "Bigmouth Smurf," Gargamel puts a Smurf hat on the sleeping orge's head. A few scenes later, it's reveal said ogre is now wearing Smurf pants. Nothing wrong here until you realize Bigmouth didn't put them on.
* And Flowerbell invoking Creator/MaeWest's "come up and see me sometime" line at the end of “''Papa's Wedding Day''.”
* And of course, there's [[{{Ephebophile}} Papa Smurf's amorous interest in Smurfette]] in “''Romeo And Smurfette''.”
* "''Smurfily Ever After''" plays around with this, as when Smurfette imagines being married to Hefty, he takes her into his house, gets (partially) undressed, and wants to get all "hot and sweaty" with Smurfette...by doing exercises with her!

!!The 2011 live action/CGI film:
* While eating at the restaurant with Odile, Gargamel mistakes a champagne bottle cooler for a chamber pot and decides to take a wizz behind a bar in the middle of dinner. It’s understandable that Gargamel is from the Medieval era but the idiot just exposed himself in public . . . not to mention probably revealing his genital in front of kids.
* Gutsy's line, "There's nothing like a cool breeze through my enchanted forest", when he joins Smurfette in the MarilynManeuver.

!!The 2013 live action/CGI sequel:
* Saving the Smurfs from falling, Victor begins transforming midflight back from a duck to human and lands in a laundry basket holder to which Grouchy points out his nakedness. The sound of Vanity’s muffled cries of help is heard somewhere in the basket and Victor digs (keep in mind, the nude man is searching in front of him) Vanity out, to which the vain Smurf says “I have seen unspeakable things down there. I have been scarred for life.” Makes you wonder ''what'' he’s seen.
* When Patrick Winslow says "Is a Smurf's butt blue?", Grouchy is seen bending over and preparing to flash his own butt, saying "You tell me".