Radar / Kaijudo

  • We have Fingers, Tatsurion, Gargle, and many other three-fingered characters. Fingers can get past the radar a lot whenever he makes any kind of gesture with his right hand.
  • From the fourth episode, we get Allie's smart remark to Steamstar Grapplog spraying her in episode 4.
    Allie: That better have just been water…
  • When Alakshmi has Allie hostage, and sees that Ray can't fight her, she starts to have "plans" for Allie, which was shown as she was the only one who showed some unusual interest in Allie, chasing only her and no one else.
  • Episode 9 has this from the internet obsessed monster Gargle. Monster attacks are certainly dangerous, but that's not what the phrase "NSFW: Not Safe for Work!" usually means…
  • Night Moves has Allie and her friends in danger, and when the civilians who are being brought to safety consist of three girls and a guy.
  • Gargle seeing Ray's head for his memory loss, extending his long, second finger. What else can be said about it?
  • Alakshmi saying to the Choten that he'll be glad to see Master Chavez with all his Mana. A girl and an older man, charged up fully. What else can give it away?
  • "A Light In The Darkness" is the only time we get a close shot of a gun in the show. note 
  • Alakshmi seeming to flirt with Carny at the beginning of "The Unbearable Being Of Lightness".
    Alakshmi: If you want to hit me, you're going to have to move a bit closer.
  • Sasha's interpretation of music like humans "coordinating their bodies".