Quotes / Winds of Destiny, Change

We've got a strong ally called Lady Luck on our side!
Usagi, Sailor Moon.

(Anti-Spiral ship launches a Macross Missile Massacre at the Chouginga Gurren-Lagann)
Simon: I told you, an attack like that won't-
Dayakka: What happened?!
Cybela: I don't know! The Spiral field is currently completely neutralizing their attack, according to the monitor.
Gimmy: But they hit, didn't they?!
Lordgenome: It is a probability fluctuation failure. The enemy is interfering with the probability of our defenses being successful.
Darry: They can even control probabilities? Isn't that the domain of God?
Lordgenome: Be careful. The enemy is using a random Schrödinger warp to approach.
Dayakka: I'm begging you, say that in Layman's Terms!
Lordgenome: The multidimensional probability fluctuation is controlled by them. While shifting through spacetime, they will approach and attack.
Dayakka: Like I said, I don't understand...!
Attenborough: It doesn't matter! Let's beat the crap out of them!
Lordgenome: Understood. Prepare for the simultaneous decimation of all the weak points in responsive spacetime.

Skitter: Probability manipulation? Enhanced luck?
Coil: No. Just the opposite, Skitter. I control destinies. I decide outcomes.”
Skitter: That still sounds like probability manipulation to me.

Al-Feyez almost did a spit-take. “Excuse me,” he asked with intent urgency, “are you telling me that we have FOUR odds-manglers at this school, at the same time?”
Earth Mother paused and counted off on her fingers. “Let’s see- there’s Kismet, she’s at Whitman; there’s Hazard, she’s in Melville; there’s that ‘Risk’ boy in Poe, and they have Clover over at Dickenson- yes, four.”
Al-Feyez melodramatically clutched at his chest. “FOUR? The bizarre fluctuations in the patterns of probability are excruciating when you have only TWO probability warpers in close proximity! And we have FOUR?”
“Well, we DO try to keep them well apart,” Caduceus said defensively.
"The Three Little Witches", Whateley Universe. At least two more show up soon afterwards, too.

Let's talk about coincidence for a moment.
Sparks are creatures of drama and wish fulfillment. We're Victor Frankenstein creating new life even though he knew nothing of how biology actually worked. We're ridiculously beneficial mutations as opposed to the 99.9 percent of mutations that are either negative or give you a slightly more efficient pancreas. We're the last-of-their-kind aliens, the experiments that only worked once, the billionaires that rejected the Dark Invitation and instead used their fortunes to Fight Crime.
Every species has an ecological niche. A Spark's niche is coincidence. We inhale luck and exhale unintended consequences. We were born in fluke accidents, die in dramatic irony, and come back to life at the precise moment it will have maximum impact. So don't worry about that conveniently-timed call from Richard. If you accept that I can shrink in defiance of every conventional law of physics, you should also accept that wild coincidences fall into our laps in defiance of sane expectations.
Besides, any lucky break a Spark receives is balanced out by a steaming pile of disaster. Call it the Second Law of the Dark and Light: for every stroke of luck, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Or as Jool says, "BOHICA."
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.
All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault, by James Alan Garner