Quotes / Who You Gonna Call?

"There are Things That Go "Bump" in the Night, Agent Myers. Make no mistake about that. And we are the ones who bump back."
Professor Bruttenholm, Hellboy

Tom Tucker:: In other news, a local family have had their house destroyed by ghosts. Who they gonna call?
Diane Simmons:: *sighs* Ghostbusters, Tom?
Tom Tucker:: No, Diane, their insurance company. That's just stupid what you said.
Family Guy, "Petergeist"

"When things get strange, when what goes bump in the night flicks on the lights, when no one else can help you, give me a call. I'm in the book."

"When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! When there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!"
Ray Parker Jr., Ghostbusters Theme Song.

It's out of our hands. All we have to do is call the Company, the Company calls the Pentagon, the Pentagon calls the President, and he calls Niles Caulder.

Wilt: There's a ghost running around the Foster's house? Who are we gonna call?
Coco: Co coco!
Wilt: ...Nah, they went out of business years ago.

Rose: According to the paper, they've elected a ghost as MP for Leeds. Now don't tell me you're gonna sit back and do nothing?
Doctor: (pokes his head out from under the TARDIS console) Who you gonna call?
Doctor Who, "Army of Ghosts"

Doctor: It's Christmas at the North Pole. Who you gonna call?
[Santa arrives to save the day]
Doctor Who, "Last Christmas"

Bill: I figured out why you keep your box as a phone box.
Doctor: I told you, it's stuck.
Bill: "Advice and Assistance Obtainable Immediately." You like that.
Doctor: No, I don't.
Bill: See, this is the point. You don't call the helpline because you are the helpline.
Doctor Who, "Smile"

Fry: All I know is, I've got a ghost that needs busting.
Hermes: Who you gonna call?
Fry: Gho-
Answering Machine: The number you have dialed has been lame since 1989.
Futurama, "Ghost in the Machines"

Ayaka: (singing) Listen everybody, we've got something for you:
you might need an excorcism, possibly two.
Don't let those rotten monsters bug you again. We have a permanent solution, my friend:
"Just call our com-pany, we're gonna set you free~eee! We'll chase those 'ol Blue Devils away!"
— from the OP of Phantom Quest Corp., which doubles as their ad