Quotes / Urban Fantasy

Q: Is there a story behind the street "Killington Way"?
A: Behind it? No. But it is built on top of an ancient evil burial ground, which is built on top of an even ancienter evil Aztec sacrificial altar, which is built on top of a demonized Viking shipyard, which is built on top of a wicked wizard's pizza palace, which is built on top of a leviathan preschool, which is built on top of- LOOK, JUST DON'T DRIVE DOWN THE ROAD!

Redlitch: You think of witches meeting on a blasted heath, don't you?
Shep: I don't think I think of their meeting at all.
Gillian: Where do they meet? Do you know?
Redlitch: Sure, I know. One of their main places is up in Harlem. It's an old vaudeville house. There's another down in the Village. And sometimes they have them in a suite of offices on the top of the Woolworth Building. You'd be amazed what's going on under your nose that you'd never suspect. Talk about spy-rings and organized vice — they're nothing compared to it.

Singer: He's a magical pony flying through the sky on a whirlwind adventure...
Military Officer: Shoot it down.
[pony is killed by a rocket launcher]

[Strange is handed a card with "Shambala" written on it]
Stephen Strange: Well what's this, my mantra?
Mordo: It's the wi-fi password. We're not savages.

There were wizards in New York City, nearly everywhere. War mages, who changed history over games of speed chess. Chronomancers who stole seconds from the subway trains. And the city built on dreams was rife was Onieromancers channeling desires between sleep and waking. Even the wizard who had set the curse on Sweeney looked out over the speed and traffic of the city as he spoke his spells, shiftings and transformations, covering one thing in some other's borrowed skin, whether they will or no.
Painted Birds and Shivered Bones, by Kat Howard

I never liked mixing magic with guns and explosives, because to me, guns are kind of like a superpower already. You squeeze a trigger and some guy is gushing blood. Magic! You get an assault rifle in this game. Unless I have to fight a tank, or a mech or something, that's good. That's all I need. Adding magic on top of guns and explosives feels like adding syrup, and honey, and sprinkles, and powdered sugar, and more ice cream on top of your ice cream sandwich. For me, that's too much. Just give me some bullets.