Quotes / Unwilling Roboticisation

"If I die before you people can pour me into a computer, I want Caroline to run this place. Now she'll argue. She'll say she can't, she's modest like that. But you make her! Hell, put her in MY computer, I don't care!"
Cave Johnson, Portal 2

"You have been a most worthy adversary, but in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And As You Know, in this game, losers get roboticized!"
Robotnik, Sonic SatAM

"Humanity used to be a God-given right. Now it's a privilege. You follow the rules, I allow you to keep it. But, when you don't... you must lose your humanity."
Robotnik, Sonic (Fan Film)

"We are the Borg. Jar'rod and his men will be part of our collective."
Armek of Borg, Star Trek Online

"I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY. I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY. I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY." (The last one has a tear of oil dripping down the "face" of the Cyberman.)
Yvonne Hartman turned into Cyberman, Doctor Who

"Why am I able to conjure up feelings my programming shouldn't allow?
Frustrating glimpses of people who loved me but what would they think of me now?"
Jon and Al Kaplan, "Murphy, It's You!"

"Take a look at your own reflection
Right before your eyes
It turns to steel!"
Black Sabbath, "Computer God"

You're probably asking yourself, "But don't I need clean air to live?" Why, of course you don't; not with Dr. Eggman's all-inclusive Robotomy Treatment, that is! Perks include never having to eat, sleep, or think ever again. That's what we call "living the good life!"