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Quotes: Twenty Bear Asses
"Lemme ask you something: What is the difference between: A. killing a bunch of zombies to get hearts out of them, collecting the hearts, and then going back to town to get an item to go to another part of the game, and B. playing a game where you kill zombies that are obstructing your forward path to another part of the game? Answer: 4 hours!"

"I feel like I'm in a ''WorldOfWarcraft'' quest, right? Where it's like, get twelve bear asses...and you try to get the bear asses and it's like, nooooope. And three hours later, you're still working? And you ONLY NEED ONE."

"Adelard wants three bear pelts. Since not all bears have pelts, this means I've got to kill a goodly number of them in order to find the pelt-having bears. I wish there was some way to tell if a bear had a pelt just by looking at it. And I wish it was possible to be more sarcastic than I am now."

"I've just got a new girlfriend, so I'd like to craft a new instrument... That's right, you guessed it! I don't have enough materials!"
Alcamoth Citizen, Xenoblade

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