->''"Enough, enough, enough. [[BossArenaIdiocy No light energy. No more reloading. No spent cases.]] [=NO=] distractions. [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Fire everything so I can get back to work]]! The dark energy is all I need. Now it's time to die, die, die."''
-->-- '''Scarlet Briar''', ''VideoGame/GuildWars2''

->''"Whoa, holy cow! He's going into pissy boss mode! I hate when they do that."''
-->-- '''LetsPlay/DeceasedCrab''', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_69urn7asVA?t=101s "Let's Play La-Mulana 084: THE END"]]

->'''Castor''': Well, we all confronted [the EvilSorceror] to stop his madness, and when we beat on him enough, he just seemed to lose it.\\
'''[[VideoGame/MegaManClassic Proto Man:]]''' [[AC:...Oh. Yeah, that sort of thing does apparently happen. When a powerful enemy is low on stamina, they tend to go all out in an attempt to take you down with them, or something.]]

->'''[[BigBad Foundation Man]]:''' [[ThisCannotBe No... It can't be...]] [Beat] [[OhCrapFakeOut Ahahahahah! Is that what you wanted me to say? Hahahaha! All is proceeding as planned! Muahahahaha!]]\\
'''J:''' Generator output climbing. Operation, pattern 2.

->''"[Boss name] is furious!"''
-->-- '''Battle text''', ''VideoGame/TeamKirbyClashDeluxe''