Quotes / Try Everything

"111-1111. Lois? Damn. 111-1112. Lois? Damn. 111-1113..."
Stewie, attempting to figure out his home phone number

Desperate, Marooned Astronaut Tries To Use Every Item With Every Other Item

"I am shocked and appalled that guessing at random has not yielded better results."

"What an interesting and not-at-all arbitrarily random idea!"
Strong Bad, pouring physical enhancement powder down a hole in the ground in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner

Phoenix: The testimony... contradicts the evidence!
Judge: [beat] No.
Phoenix: Fuck.

''"So, now, as always, we come upon the old point-and-click adventure game adage of having to try EVERYTHING with EVERYTHING. You on you, and occasionally trying you WITH you... on you... it di- it didn't work..."

"Please stop presenting random evidence just to see how that person will react."