Quotes / True Love Is Boring

Audiences are only interested in the beginnings and endings of relationships, not all the tedious good times in the middle. [...] No one is living out that lustful, unstoppable, consistently passionate version of love endorsed by films because we have to live it for a lot longer than 90 minutes and that would be exhausting.

"...as Chris Rock put it best, 'Good relationships are boring.' The problem is that good relationships are also almost always an inverted spectrum of the rocky courtship, happy marriage process we see in movies. In fact, any list of reasons why people get divorced suggests that dating is too easy. The problem is not that good couples get screwed over by circumstances. Love, like a cocaine addict, will find a way. The real problem is that couples pass through the dating process, arrive at the part where they're supposed to live Happily Ever After and find themselves blindsided by things like differences over money or the fact that one doesn't want kids and the other is a Mormon."

"You can be married and bored, or single and lonely. Ain't no happiness nowhere!"

"...The nature of comics is much like the Soap Opera in that any marriage is doomed to failure because a marriage can be scattered. But I think you do need to have those characters once in a while that stay married because you need those lynchpins in order to show that those marriages that don't work, they don't work for a reason. If no marriages work, it kind of becomes meaningless."
—Comics writer James Robinson