Quotes / Total Eclipse of the Plot

Housemaster, Arfenhouse Teh Movie Too

Novice: Oh, God, please answer this prayer by not answering this prayer. [The sun goes black.] Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I did a paradox at God and I've destroyed God! I'm such an asshole and now we're all doomed!
Monk: Whoah! You're not an asshole and you can't destroy God. It's just a solar eclipse.
Solar eclipses are God's way of resetting after a paradox. Asshole.

As the players rest that day, they stir from their slumber and awaken. Not drowsy or weak, nor feeling the usual pull to sleep through the day, they emerge to find the world cold and... dark. They look up to where the sun is supposed to be, and see a dark object blocking it, like an eclipse. Everyone would know if there were to be an eclipse, however; this is unnatural. In truth, it feels unnatural as well. The glow of the sun is barely visible around the edges of the black object.
Each and every Lasombra vampire in the world feels something tugging at her soul, a chill down to her spine - a very bad feeling indeed...