Quotes: Thicker Than Water

I will not try to turn a son (even mine) against his father, no matter how estranged to two are. Blood relatives can be annoyingly sentimental.

Thor: We've looked for you a long time, brother.
Loki: [clearly exhausted] Stop. Stop calling me that.
Thor: But, you are.
Loki: I can think of more fitting appellations. Traitor, criminal, Jötunn, monster
Thor: [firmly] —brother. First, and always.

You tell me you ain't did it, then you ain't did it,
And if you did, then that's family business
Kanye West, Family Business

My brother and I have our differences, but I would never attack him.
Tonraq, The Legend of Korra

Family supports, back each other up. Accept the inconveniences. Sometimes that means a mom wipes a baby’s ass, even though it’s gross and boring. Sometimes it means you give a brother-in-law a place to stay. Sometimes it’s just a listening ear you wouldn’t give to a friend, but you have to give to them because the bonds are that tight.
Blake Thorburn, Pact