Quotes / The Ultimate Gift

Miss. Hastings: It's amazing just how far the fruit can fall from the tree.
Mr. Hamilton: And stil roll a great distance.

Are we on? Well, then if you're watching this, I must be dead.That's a strange concept. How was my funeral, well attended? I hope it rained. Hamilton, Miss Hastings, I hope you're having a better day than I am. If you've just been with my family I doubt it.
Red, on the recording.

Red: Jason, I've made a lot of mistakes with our family, but... you're the one I think I hurt the most. The only way I can make it up to you is to not give you anything.
Jason: I knew it. [Gets up to leave]
Red: What I mean is I'm not giving you anything yet; so, sit back down there.

I wanna give you a gift, a series of gifts, leading up to, well... how 'bout call it "the ultimate gift".
Howard "Red" Stevens

Mr. Hamilton: There's a flight to Houston tomorow at seven A.M.
Jason: As in, morning 7 A.M.
Mr. Hamilton: Yes, that seven A.M.

Flight Steward: Uh, 'scuse me, sir, can I— can I see your bording pass again? Thank you. Yeah. See, this is, uh... I'm sorry, this is for coach.
Jason: Nah. That's impossible.
Flight Steward: No, uh, it's uh, 32B.
Jason: Well change it.
Flight Steward: We can't [...] Um, we can't change it, it's a "Q" fare. You can't upgrade. So, can we—
Jason: Do you have any idea who I am?
Flight Steward: I... I know exactly who you are. You're the guy in seat 32B. Here we go!

Well, seein as how you're Red's grandson, you'll stay in the main house with us. I know it ain't much. The little lady just wanted a modest place. [Camera pans to three-story mansion with roman columns]

Wish I had a dollar for every fence post I've ever set. [Beat] Matter a fact I do. *Chuckles.*

Girlfriend: So I'm dying to know, what did you get?
Jason: Well, it involves land, building materials and slave labor.
Girlfriend: They're giving you a shoping mall?

Look Hamilton, just tell me what my total inheritance is. I'm over this. Where are you going? [To Miss. Hastings] Where is he going? Can you tell him to come back, please? Mr. Hamilton? Mr. Hamilton!

I, too, think this is a waste of time. But it will end shortly, because you are going to fail. I expect you to fail and to fail miserably.
Mr. Hamilton, to Jason.

If I violate their instructions, I am out everything. Everything. So for the sake of the greater good, I must insist that you leave.

Emily: So... you have a bet, with a dead guy?
Jason: Yeah.
Emily: Cool.
Alexia: Emily, be polite! Wait. How can you have a bet with a... deceased person?

Mr. Hamilton: So you're Jason's friend?
Emily: Yes, I am.
Mr. Hamilton: True friend?
Emily: Absolutely. Pinky promise.
Mr. Hamilton: So how long have you known Mr. Stevens?
Emily: We go way back. We're like this. *crosses fingers* Now. Where do I sign.
Mr. Hamilton: And, uh... He hasn't promised you any compensation for this friendship?
Emily: Look at him. Does he look like he has anything to offer?
Mr. Hamilton: So uh... You expect this friendship to continue?
Emily: [completely serious] I plan on knowing Jason for the rest of my life.

Look at me. I'm carrying on about death and taxes even after I'm dead.
Red, on the recording.

Thank you. This means so much to me. And Hamilton? I promise I'm gonna take back all those nasty thoughts about you being the Grinch.

Jason: What's your dream? If you could dream of anything— anything — what would your dream be?
Emily: My dream? My dream was a perfect day. And I'm just finishing it. My dream... was to be with people I love. Who love each other, that love me.

The meaning of life is to find our gift, and our purpose in life is to give it away.
Jim Stovall (Author)

We got to pick out four pumpkins, and somehow... we ended up with twelve. Dunno how that happened.
Ali Hillis (Alexia) on what she did with Abigail Breslin (Emily) on their day off.