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The mighty ocean... Cradle of life... Trivialized for your amusement at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park!
Dr. Eggman, referring to the Aquarium Park level of Sonic Colors.

So naturally, if you live in the states, the first thing you're probably gonna do is compare this map to the real thing! So, Atlanta should be right around here which is—...Chattanooga? And it's just a few miles inland from....Daytona Beach....That map is what got me interested. It's adorable. It's like they took all the boring parts of the United States and tried to mush the rest of it back to together good enough to still hold shape. It's about 80 miles across instead of 3000, and that's why you can see Miami Beach from space.
George Weidman on The Crew

I love the West. I read a lot about the West, and I'm shocked, I'm ashamed that in pictures they have not made the true story of the winning of the West — comprising 90 percent foreigners, 100 percent laborers, nothing to do with guns. Streets, mountains, roads, bridges, streams, forests — that's the winning of the West to me. Hard! Tremendous, tremendous fight. But we have, as you know [instead], cowboys and indians and all that. Shane comes into town, cleans it up and leaves. He's doing that every week now on TV.
Samuel Fuller, director of three westerns.

[H]owever great the literary ability of the author of the story, and despite the lavish local color that he may have wanted to enrich it with, the falseness of the document is evident on plain sight to any connoisseur of our country and its customs; not that we may pretend to negate by this that the presumed correspondent had news quite precise and surely ocular of the scenario in which the events that he relates supposedly took place. But the same excess in picturesqueness betrays the artifice: the whole issue desprends the unmistakeable scent of what the Italians call a pasticcio, that is, a true literary swindle.
Ramon Miquel i Planas on the (French) legend of the (fictional) Spanish Serial Killer, "Don Vincente"

Luis Bu˝uel: "I sometimes say that surrealism triumphed in the inessential and failed in the essential. . . . The surrealist movement cared little about gloriously entering the histories of literature and painting. What it wished above all, an imperious and unrealizable wish, was to transform the world and change life. On this point — the essential — a quick look around us clearly shows our failure."

"The history of our Revolution will be one continued lie from one end to the other. The essence of the whole will be that Dr. Franklin's electrical rod smote the Earth and out sprung General Washington. That Franklin electrified him with his rod, and thence forward these two conducted all the policy, negotiations, legislatures and war."

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