Quotes / The Queen's Latin

"Then, there's Hollywood's theory that all languages have a British accent."

"I need to get drunk before I go to Red Lobster and order the lobster, but then I go all Caesar. 'What would you like, sir?' 'Bring me the brown one, he amuses me. Yes, the one with the extra-long left feeler—SEIZE HIM!' 'Anything else, sir?' 'Yes, why do all the Romans in the movies have British accents?'"
Richard Jeni

"Don't you dare Nick Phillips me, I know what you did here! You hired all these Caligula impersonators, but you forgot the most important one, one that actually speaks with a British accent. ME."
Film Brain, The Cinema Snob's review of Caligula

Strangely, although most of the characters are Venetian, everyone speaks English, and with an English accent.
Author's note to The Serpent of Venice by Christopher Moore